New Maruti Wagon R 2022 - Price, Colors, Variants, and Comparison

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The look of the new Wagon R 2022 is looking very excellent as well as many hi-tech features were also seen. Talking about the price of the Wagon R, starting from Rs 7.22 lakhs. The new Maruti Suzuki WagonR car has been launched in India for Rs 5.39 lakh. Before that, the new model 2023 Suzuki facelift Wagon R was introduced in Japan with the latest updation and good features. The look of the new WagonR is very sporty or attractive, which is being liked by the people of India. It is being told through leaked reports that the new WagonR in India is very different from the Japanese model. It is being told through leaked reports that the new Wagon R 2022 in India is very different from the Japanese model. Top of the list of most sold cars in the last month is the new Wagon R car. The company has said that the highest selling Wagon R till the end of July 2022 has been sold up to 22,588 units.

Maruti Suzuki New Wagon R variants with prices

New models of the Suzuki New Wagon R were released in 2023, the WagonR, the WagonR Custom Z, and the Stingray. A new LED projector headlamp setup gives the Stingray a more futuristic look. And which is makes the new wagon R very attractive and different look from other cars. A unique design component of this model is the lower position of the taillamps, giving it a more MPV-like appearance. There is still a standard halogen headlamp on the WagonR.

Features and specifications of the New Wagon R

- Price:- Rs.5.47 - Rs.7.19 lakh onwards

- Engine:- 998cc, 1197cc

- Fuel Type:- Petrol & CNG

- Mileage:- 23.5 - 34km/l

- Seating Capacity:- 5 Seater

- Fuel Tank:- 32L, 60L

Different Models Of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R With Price:-

- Wagon R LXI MT:- Rs.5.45 lakh

- Wagon R VXI:- Rs.5.90 lakh

- Wagon R ZXI:-  Rs.6.05 lakh

- Wagon R VXI AT:-  Rs.6.40 lakh

- Wagon R LXI CNG MT:- Rs.6.42 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Price in Popular Cities

- Delhi:- Rs.6.02 - 8.03 Lakh

- Mumbai:- Rs.6.40 - 8.42 Lakh

- Bangalore:- Rs.6.58 - 8.78 Lakh

- Pune:- Rs.6.40 - 8.42 Lakh

- Chennai:- Rs.6.28 - 8.28 Lakh

- Kolkata:- Rs.6.34 - 8.35 Lakh

- Hyderabad:- Rs.6.48 - 8.60 Lakh

- Ahmedabad:- Rs.6.13 - 8.07 Lakh

Japan's new Wagon R price

The starting price of the new Wagon R would be available in japan in the price range of yen 1,217,700 to yen 1,509,200(According to the Indian rupee, Rs.7.22 lakh - Rs.8.96 lakh). It is priced between yen 1,688,500 and yen 1,811,700 (According to the Indian rupee, Rs.10 lakh - Rs 10.75 lakh) for the WagonR Stingray in Japan. while talking the price of the new wagon R custom model is yen 1,474,000 to 1,756,700 yen(According to the Indian rupee, Rs.8.75 lakh - Rs.10.43 lakh).

Comparison of the Maruti Suzuki New Wagon R 2022 with Similar Car

Car NamePriceExteriorComfortPerformanceFuel Economy
Maruti Wagon R 2022Rs. 5.46 Lakhs4.
Maruti Suzuki CelerioRs. 5.23 Lakhs
Maruti Suzuki Ignis
Rs. 5.17 Lakhs
Tata TiagoRs. 5.39 Lakhs

The engine of the Maruti Suzuki New Wagon R

Japanese WagonRs come with 660cc petrol or mild-hybrid engines. There are various transmission options available for this engine, including MTs and CVTs on the Stingray and Custom Z. There are both 2WD and 4WD versions available. And Combined with a CVT gearbox, the mild-hybrid powertrain achieves a mileage of 25.2 kph. 1.2-litre petrol and CNG variants are available in the LXI and VXI trim levels, while the 1.0-liter petrol or CNG version is available in the ZXI and ZXI+ trim levels.

The design of the New Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki is sporting a boxy design from all previous versions of the new Wagon R Rather, the new 2023 WagonR along with extra design changes in the tailgate. Stingray models get attractive looks While the custom Z wagon R and wagon R look very simple. Although the rear and side profiles are almost identical in all three.

Wagon R 2022 interior

The 2023 WagonR remains the same as the current interior. Interiors for the Custom Z and Stingray are black while those of the Wagon R is beige. The two variants use piano black and faux wood to enhance the look of the cabin. The new Maruti Suzuki gets an infotainment screen like the one launched on the Brezza and Bellino 9-inch units. 

What makes Wagon R 2022 special?

1. The new wagon R car is the lowest maintenance car and you can easily find the parts of the wagon in all the big and small cities.

2. It has more space than all the cars in its segment. There are 165 millimeters of ground clearance on this vehicle. Due to which it can be driven easily even on rough roads.  As a result, small towns are in great demand for it.

3. In terms of mileage, the company claims that the new WagonR gives a mileage of 23 to 25 km in petrol whereas the WagonR with CNG can run up to 33 km on 1 kg of CNG.

4. The best part is that the resale value of the WagonR car is decent. You can easily drive the new WagonR for 10 years. That's why it is also called the best-selling cheapest family car.

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