CNG Car Maintenance Tips: A Simple & Complete Guide September 2022

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Updated On 11-Nov-2022

The demand for CNG Cars is increasing significantly. In the case of mileage, this car is very good and also people like these cars very much. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these cars also reduce carbon pollution. There are so many CNG cars available in the market, and if you have any aftermarket or company-fitted CNG kit in your car, so it becomes very important for you to know how to maintain your car as well as what precautions to keep. Because these cars are very difficult to maintain and many people are unaware of these things. In such a situation, a little carelessness on your part can increase the chances of a fire in the car, which can lead to a major accident. Today we are going to tell you in this blog cng car maintenance tips should be taken by a car owner and how should the car's maintenance be done.

Getting Started with General Testing

Be the first to include you in car maintenance tips. Get the CNG kits installed in the car checked by the service center at least once to twice a year. In this, there are things to keep you in mind, some kind of broken from somewhere leakage, Air Filter Deficiency, Low Pressure, Filter cartage, get it checked and cleaned properly and at the same time, the parts which are giving more problems should be changed. Get the CNG systems and throttle bodies checked thoroughly plus the rest of the parts.

Consider the CNG Tank

This is also an important part of car maintenance tips; you have to get your CNG car�s tank checked again and again. If you find any kind of problem in the tank anywhere, it would be a good option to either get it checked or change the entire tank itself. One thing to keep in mind in the CNG tank is that never fill the CNG tank full, in summer you have to pay more attention in such a situation, fill the tank only 2/3. Filling the tank to full can also cause a blast. If the tank of your car has expired, then do not use it and you have to change it.

Always use the Automatic Control Feature

This feature is given in almost all the com CNG cars. This system that comes in the CNG cars, the automatic control system, according to its own, decides when to shift from petrol to CNG. It is best that you keep the car on petrol mode while starting the car and later it shifts on the CNG so that the engine of the car is in good condition and runs for a long time.  In Car maintenance tips you should do that too.

It is necessary to check the Spark Plug from time to time

The spark plug that comes in CNG cars is different from petrol and diesel cars. The spark plugs of the CNG cars should always be kept in good condition and also should be changed from time to time. If experts are to be believed, then the period of changing these spark plugs should be changed to 5 months or between 10000-15000 km which is good enough for the car. If your car is fitted with an aftermarket CNG kit, then you can replace the spark plugs found in it with a compatible Spark Plug.

Air Filter will give good mileage

If the car gives good mileage, then this can be a better thing for a car owner. In such a situation, keeping the air filter clean can help you a lot in terms of mileage. Because a dirty air filter can make affect your car's mileage. According to the advice of experts, you should change the air filter of your car as necessary between 5000-10000.

Maintenance of Throttle body is necessary

This part is also very important for your car, from here the air coming to the car comes out and dirt accumulates over time. That is why its cleaning also becomes an important point so that the airflow continues well.

Now performance will increase by CNG Reducer Filter Cartage

If you want that the performance of your car not suffer, then your Reducer filter cartridge should be changed, you can replace it with an o ring. Also, keep in mind that every 20000 km you can change it.

Here are some other important things to keep in mind

1. CNG Cars should be avoided parked in the sun.

2. Smoking in a car can also prove to be very dangerous.

3. Always keep the engine off of the car while filling it with the CNG tank.

4. Whenever you install accessories in CNG cars, then definitely check that they are compatible with your car.

5. When CNG is low, the car should immediately shift to petrol, otherwise, there is increased pressure on the valve.

6. If there is any kind of leakage in CNG then first stop the engine and close the cylinder valve.

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