Car Accessories That Turn Your Budget Car Into A Luxury Car

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Updated On 14-Nov-2022

Everyone dreams of buying a luxury car, as you know, but if you talk about its price, These luxury car is expensive cars, yet the demand for luxury cars is being seen a lot but it is not easy to buy a luxury car for every common man. But you can make your budget car look like a luxury car in easy ways which gives a different and attractive look and is more comfortable like expensive luxury cars. The interesting point is that However, it's not like you have to pay a lot for those luxurious features. We are going to tell you that this article details some of the best car accessories you can make to have your car feeling luxurious in no time. You can buy any of these accessories from our website as well as from your trusted brand.

Let's have a look for some easy Car Modification Accessories

1. Car Seat Covers

For a luxury look, it is important to pay attention to seat covers. The Seat covers give your carn interior a new look. Pay special attention to the material, there are 3 types of materials in the market that are used the most in the car seat. 1. PU Leatherite, 2. Italian Leatherite, 3. Nappa Leatherite. You can greatly improve your car's interior by adding Car Seat Covers. Besides making your car cabin look better, they protect your vehicle seats from damage as well. We have a large collection of all car seat covers 1st one Bucket Seat Covers, Ultra-Comfort Seat Covers, Towel Seat Covers, and Leatherite Seat Covers available at a cheap price. 

Starting Price:- 7,999 INR

  • Bucket Seat Covers
  • Ultra-Comfort Seat Covers
  • Towel Seat Covers
  • Leatherite Seat Covers

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2. Floor Mats

Let's talk about the next product that you can add to your car, which is custom floor mats you can replace your car�s normal floor mats with custom-fitted floor mats. A floor Mat is known as the most important car accessory when it comes to floor maintenance. There is a different type of Car Floor Mats, Like, as 7D, Boot, GFX, and Grass Floor Mats. These are the better quality floor mats and are perfectly designed for all cars to look and feel like luxury cars.

Starting Price:- 1,399 INR

  • 7D Floor Mats
  • Boot Floor Mats
  • GFX Floor Mats
  • Grass Floor Mats
  • Full 9D Flooring

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3. Android Screen

Next product you can add an attractive look to a budget car. It is an Android Screen in your car. These android screens are Bluetooth-supportable devices and They will offer you some luxury features like hands-free communication with your phone, and Bluetooth, and some are also equipped with sensors, Speakers, climate control, and Amplifier Connectivity.

Starting Price:-  8,999 INR

  • 1 GB + 16 GB
  • 2 GB + 32 GB
  • 4 GB + 64 GB

4. Camera

Using the camera in the car is very good for your safety. although the cameras of luxury cars come expensive. But you can get it installed in your car for just around 25000 rupees. The camera proves to be of great use when parking. A camera is a valuable tool for staying safe while backing up and helping avoid accidents and it is to protect yourself. This safety feature will modernize your car like a luxury, the camera will help with blind spots and allow you to see what is happening behind you.

Starting Price:-  7,999 INR

  • Night Vision
  • AHD
  • Moving

5. Front Grill

You have options when it comes to the grille, and you can give a completely unique look to the front end of your car, be it a grille insert, overlay, or replacement. If you want to get the cheapest grill in your car then you can go with our suggestion overlay.

6. Custom Armrests

A car armrest is one of the car accessories used during long drives. These are very useful accessories to give comfort to your hands. One good thing is that you are given space in it, in which you can keep things like your mobile phone, wallets, bottles, device chargers and etc. If you use this armrest in your car, it will provide you with comfortable support for your hands. Several types of car hand rest are available in the market. These armrests can be installed near the handbrake area that does not obstruct changing gears or using the handbrake. And all of you can buy armrests online and offline or by visiting any showroom to get your car fitted.

Starting Price:-  1,100 INR 

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7. Steering Covers

Leather steering wraps are made of premium leather materials, Car steering wraps are a great way to look and feel great in your car interior. To make your steering wheel easy to grip and perform well, it should be kept clean.

Starting Price:-  299 INR 

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8. Car Back Seat Organizer

With this car back seat organizer, you will be able to keep your car organized, and keep your seat clean, Backseat Organizer simplifies family trips and makes them more fun. The Car Backseat Organizer has a place for everything: tissue holder, snacks, headphones, bottles, crayons, and umbrella.

Starting Price:-  899 INR

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9. Car Lights

Light is one of the most used car accessories during long drives. Driving at night without lights can be very dangerous. There are different types of Lights available like LED headlights, fog lights, tail lamps, indicators, etc. All these lights come with a modern design and shapes when you use these lights in your cars, it gives a different and very luxurious look.

A. Fog Lights - Fog lights are used at the bottom of the car. The fog light is waterproof when you are driving in the rain, so there is no problem with visibility. Fog lights Features like high-temperature retention are also being given so that you can adjust the light according to your high-end law while driving. that you can see a clear vision. High brightness option is also given in the fog lights.

Starting Price:-   1,599 INR

B. LED Headlights - The role of the LED headlights would have been a lot at night because LED light is provided with energy efficiency as well as clear visibility of 100 percent. Everyone likes to have a good LED light fit in their car on the front and back so that their car looks better.

Starting Price:-  2,499 INR

C. Reflector Lights - The reflector light is the light on the back side of the car. In these lights, you get many different types of designs in the market which give an eye-catching look. And also alerts other vehicles at night. These lights are made waterproof as well as shockproof so that there is no such problem during the rain which causes more trouble in the car.

Starting Price:-  799 INR