Car Lights

Car Lights

Nowadays, it would probably be easy to drive a car without lights in busy cities or hardly anyone would think that it is easy to drive a car without lights. If you imagine it, it's absolutely impossible, and maybe someone will do it. Car lights play a very important role in making driving safe and it becomes most important when you drive a car at night or dark. So many types of lights are available in the market in cars, whose needs and importance are different, such as tail lights, headlights, fog lights, hid lights, star lights, ambient lights, and many more.

As mentioned above, there are various types of car lighting accessories available in the market. It enhances your visibility in low lighting conditions while on the road and also gives a new look to your car. The car gets headlights for the front, taillights for the rear, and indicator lights for the sides. This is one of the most basic and essential lights in a car. With the help of this, it is easy for the driver to see the road even in the low light and at the same time other vehicles coming from the front or behind also get to know.

The lighting requirements of all cars are different, and their fitting and textures are different, due to which the lights used in them are also installed according to them. If seen on the other hand, led lights which come with universal fitting, these lights install easily in most cars. Our tip for every car owner regarding car lights will be that he should understand the need of the car and choose the right lights without sacrificing anything. While taking car lights, also keep in mind that they should be energy efficient and of good quality. If we talk about a better option, then you can install led lights in the headlights of your car, which will be a better option.

In the last few years, the demand for led lights has increased so much, due to which the demand for incandescent bulbs has decreased a lot. Led lights can be used for interiors and exteriors Substrate in led lights makes a transistor that produces light when it falls on the substrate, LED lights are a digital variant of incandescent lights that are more efficient.

LED lights make the road well visible and also have different colors in it which look very good to see, it makes driving much safer for the drivers while incandescent lights do not. If we talk about color in this, there is also a facility to change the color of some LEDs, whose color red-green-blue (RGB) LEDs It is made up of three different colors (red, green, and blue)

On the Car Shala website, you get all types of car lights at a good price with high quality, which you can buy according to your need and car model. Along with providing good quality products, we also take care of how to keep your car in good condition, for which we keep sharing daily car-related tips and detailed guides on our website you can check also those articles.

Led Headlight For Car

Driving a car without lighting is a big task for the drivers and it is an impossible thing because in such a situation, along with the car drivers, the safety of other people running on the road is also included. The headlight that is installed at the front of the car this car improves the visibility of the driver. Its work is to illuminate the road well and improves the visibility of the car driver which becomes a part of safe driving. There are many types of car lights available in the automobile market. Including led and hid which is one of the most modern and digital lights. In these lights, led lights are the most used and sold lights because they are mostly installed in all types of cars, due to which they have become very popular lights.

These lights are equipped with different types of lenses and reflectors which you can see on Car Shala's website. Headlamp which is the second most popular among car lights, For the convenience of the car drivers, two facilities are given in these lights, low beam and high beam which the car drivers can adjust according to their convenience, with the help of this the front drivers also have the facility that the car is coming from the front. A low beam provides intense light without harming the eyes of the drivers in front while the other and higher beam provides a concentrated and focused light.

Installation is Easy:- Installing LED headlights in cars and other vehicles is simple and easy.

Enhanced Visibility:- High visibility is a well-known benefit of LED headlights. These bulbs provide better visibility than halogen lights, enabling drivers to see the road more clearly.

Maintaining Durability:- In addition to their outstanding performance, LED headlights are advised for their long lifespan. This is due to the extraordinarily extended lifespan of these light bulbs.

Car Tail Lights

Tail Lights are the most important thing in a car in terms of safety. These lights are the lights installed behind the car, whose work is to inform the vehicles coming from behind that a vehicle is going ahead or is standing. Taillights are not necessarily LED lights, they are available in different types of markets.

But looking at the safety of the car, it is very important that every car has tail lights and it is very important to work well, and every car owner should keep checking the tail lights of their car from time to time. whether the lights are working properly or not, these lights are red color to see and the transparency of the red color is good to see, it is visible from a long distance. Although if seen, the tail lights are not as bright as the headlights, it is very important for the safety of the car and the people sitting in it.

A bright taillight is placed on the outer surface of the rear of the car, with the help of which the shape of the entire length and width of the car is formed and the car is projected. This thing is very useful when the car is traveling in the rain or in the dark of night, in this case, seeing the car helps a lot. Along with this, there are so many types of taillights available in the market nowadays, which also enhance the look of your car.

Car Brake Lights

Brake lights which is another important component of car safety You must have often seen that when the brakes are applied, the rear lights of the car light up. These are called brake lights, brake lights are installed inside the taillights of the car. As mentioned above, when the brakes are pressed, these lights light up so that the vehicle coming from behind can clearly know that the vehicle in front is slowing down or its speed is decreasing. It is an essential part to make the car safer which keeps both you and your driver safe.

Car Signalling Lights (Indicators/Blinkers)

Indicator lights are also one of the most jury features in car lights which cannot be ignored. These lights are placed in the front and back of any car and on the right and left side, whose work is that whenever the car driver changes lane or takes a turn, or tries to overtake another vehicle, then there it Indicator lights come in handy and it informs what the car driver is about to do.

In almost all vehicles, the color of these lights is orange color and it is placed on the right and left side of the car, it becomes the duty of every car driver to use these lights whenever they take turns, change lanes or overtake a vehicle.

Car Fog Lights

Driving a car in fog becomes a herculean task as you cannot see much on the road due to fog. In such a situation, fog lights have come in handy, these lights form a sharp and precise angle with the road, with the help of which other things can be seen while walking on the road in dense fog, and in the same way, it works even in the rainy season which makes your driving more safe and enjoyable.

Car lights are one of the most essential things for your car, which should be given special attention by every car owner because it improves your driving experience also makes your driving safer.

Choosing such lights for your car that are energy efficient and have good performance as well as high in quality, these all things will be available only in Car Shala Car Lights where you can choose car lights according to your car model and also online shopping with us is very easy. You get all the necessary online shopping options nearby, so decorate your car with car accessories from Car Shala today.

Car Led Projectors

In today's time, the demand and popularity of led projectors have increased a lot. A straightforward lens concentrates the light source on the road in a projector vehicle light. The light beams emitted by these lights are thus brighter, more defined, and more focused. That's why it remains such a popular light among the people. Talking about its other advantages, it consumes less energy than other bulbs, which is also useful for the battery of the car and its life is more than hid headlights, it also lasts till the end of your car.

Car Decorative Lights�

These lights are installed only to enhance the looks of your car make your car stand out and change the ambiance inside the cabin. At Car Shala, you get different options of decorative lights which are available from the market at good prices, and also you can get them installed according to your mood. You get ambient lights, star lights, and other decorative lights at the Car Shala.

Installing Car Shala lights in your car is budget friendly as well as very easy to install. We work without harming your car wiring and also our lights are of high quality and 100% genuine products.

Types Of Car Lights

Ambient Light
Head Lamp
Led Projector
Star Light
Tail Lights
Reflector Lights
Piller Light
Fog Lamp
Indicators & Blinkers
Under Body Led
Police Light
Shadow Light

Car Lights Brands We Deal In

XenonBolt Automotive

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Good prices and high quality are available on the Car Shala website, so you can buy what you need and the model of the car you have. We provide you with a tension-free online shopping experience so that you don't have to worry about your products today and in the future. You do not need to worry about return, you can easily do it on our website. And along with this, we assure you that our products are genuine and budget friendly, all payments on our website are secure and we deliver products all over India.


Q 1. Which is brighter HID or LED?

By the way, both these lights are very bright and both lights work well at night. Led lights use diodes to light up whereas hid light up with the help of xenon gas. Led lights are slightly brighter than Hid but there is not much difference between the two

Q 2. Which headlight is best for car?

The simple answer is hid lights which are much brighter than normal bulbs as well as very efficient and last longer. These lights work by filling xenon gas in them which produces a bright light.

Q 3. There are so many variants in my car how can you send accessories for my car variant??

As mentioned in question no.1 we know that there are so many variants in your car model that�s why after placing your order within 24 hours we will contact you to confirm your car variant and model year, then we will send the seat cover as per your car variant and year only.

Q 4. What is the expected delivery for my order if I place it today??

In the next 24 hours, you should receive a call from us confirming your order. We will dispatch your order within 1-2 business days after you place the order. The delivery of your order may take up to 2-4 days after it has been dispatched. You can also track your order on our website. The delivery time varies depending on the location and mode of conveyance.

Q 5. If I want to cancel an order, what should I do??

Please get in touch with Customer Support (+91 7988611639). In case you would like to cancel your order. For a faster response, please don't forget to mention your order number.

Q 6. What is the return policy??

You can return the product within 7 days of receiving it. If we are unable to pick up the phone, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at with your order id. A valid reason has been provided for the return of any product. Your case will be investigated by our team and a refund will be applied on a case-by-case basis.