Tired of Scratch & Dents in Your Car? Door Guards is the Solution

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Updated On 28 May 2024

Because your car is one of your most valuable things, you should take precautions to safeguard it from damage. Dings and scratches on doors are a regular occurrence, especially in crowded parking lots. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid them.

Using a car door protector is one of the greatest ways to protect your car door from dings and scratches. Car door guards are thin, flexible strips that go around the edges of your car's doors. They operate as a barrier between your doors and other object, keeping them from colliding and causing damage.

Car door dings and dents are typically avoided by being cautious and aware of your surroundings. Here is the one thing door guard protection which can reduce the chances of having door dings and dents. I will guide you through this Blog on how this small accessory can have a useful impact on your car.

What Are The Basic Reasons Why Dents Appear On The Car?

  • Accessories for Preventing Door Dings and Dents: Do not use in place of a door protector.
  • Don't use the Parking Sensors and Cameras in your car.
  • Never try to park your car away from other cars.
  • Without first selecting a parking spot for your vehicle.
  • Sometimes environmental activities and changes.
  • One of the most common reasons is other substances harm your car.

What is Car Door Protector?

A car door protector, commonly referred to as a door edge guard or door edge trim, is an accessory used to protect the edges of a car's doors from scratches, dings, and dents caused by collisions with walls, other vehicles, or other objects. It is especially helpful in situations where parking spaces are limited or crowded, such as in metro city areas and busy parking lots. 

Some door protectors are adhesive-backed, making them simple to install by adhering them directly to the door edge. Others may necessitate the use of extra fasteners or clips for secure attachment. The Car Door Protectors are available at Car Shala in a variety of styles and patterns that suit various car types and personal tastes.

How does a Door Guard work?

The car door guard acts as a protector and is applied on the outer side of the car door which protects the paint job of the car. It acts as a barrier between the car door and external objects and absorbs the touch of external objects. After installing it, whenever the car door is opened and in such a situation if the car door touches any object, then the door guard first comes in contact with that object to protect against scratches, dents, and dings caused by contacts however it will aid in safeguarding your car's more costly paint job.

Is Car Door Guard Useful?

The effectiveness of door guards as car door protection is determined by the individual circumstances and type of door guards utilized. Rubber strips, plastic guards, and specialized goods meant to absorb impacts are all examples of door guards. While they can offer some protection against tiny dings and scratches.

1. Door guards might be handy in instances where parking places are limited and neighboring vehicles may accidentally knock on your car doors while opening theirs.

2. You may want to think about other types of car door protection. Some people, for example, choose clear protective films or vinyl wraps to cover the susceptible sections of their automobile doors.

3. Coverage for protection:- The most significant element to consider is that the protectors provide adequate protection coverage. Many door damage guards on the market are simply too short and narrow to fully cover even modest vehicles.

4. Durability:- It may be tempting to buy the cheapest guards on Amazon, but this is unlikely to be sturdy enough. Look for materials that are both impact resistant and provide a secure grip for your car.

Which Type of Car Door Protector Suits Your Car? 

Mainly There are 3 types of car door protectors. You can study the many varieties to figure out which one is perfect for the car you have.

Protective Edges

These are specifically designed to protect the door's edge. They must not be confused with other types of car door protection. 

Edge guards, unlike other car door protectors, do not protect the skin of the car door. This means that, while the automobile door's edge will be adequately secured, the main surface will remain exposed.

Magnetic Door Guard

When it comes to car door protection, magnetic car door protectors are a convenient alternative. For a long time, owners of cars had only choose between stick-on or permanent car door covers.

The main advantage is that, unlike fabric or felt, the rubber mold does not leave any nasty residue on the surface of the car. After utilizing the car door guards, you can easily wipe the door clean.

This not only destroyed the aesthetic of the cars for some, but it also caused long-term harm to the cars. You can use the magnetic car door protectors when you need them and remove them when you're done. 

Guards Made of Rubber

Rubber is an excellent material for car door guards since it may safely bounce off the contact or form a barrier to keep door dings at bay. However, due to the slick metallic aspect of the cars, they frequently look out of place.

Here is a List of the Best Car Door Guards 

70086 i-pop Simple White Car Door Scratch Guard Vheelocityin

This car door scratch guard is made of first-rate plastic and is available in both modern and vintage metal chrome designs that readily fit different types of cars.

Starting Price: INR 199/-

WV001RCA0086 Auto Hub Car Door Guard Status

Protect your car from scratches caused by side scrapes in parking or other occurrences such as bicyclists skidding the door, etc. With a solid adhesive tape that provides simple sticking. It can be easily put at the edge of your vehicle's door.

Starting Price: INR 199/-

Car Door Guards With Semaphore

Semaphore Car Door Guards are a type of door edge guard constructed of durable ABS plastic. They come in a range of colors such as black, white, silver, and grey.

Starting Price: INR 599/-

All Extreme Car Door Protector

This car door protective film is nearly invisible and easy to remove without damaging your vehicle's paint.

Starting Price: INR 159/-

SARTE Anti-Scratch Pop Car Door Edge Guard

Sarte, which comes in two styles: Classic and Solo. This automobile door edge guard is composed of high-quality ABS material, which ensures its durability and strength.

Starting Price: INR 129/-

AUTOXYGEN Anti-Scratch Universal

This Autooxygen Universal Anti Scratch door guard set is the next product on this list of top-quality car door guards in India that are available online. the chrome plating on the outside ensures that the car looks appealing at the same time.

Starting Price: INR 499/-

What Are The Benefits of Using Car Door Guards?

  • They can assist in reducing the noise made by other cars opening and closing their doors. This is particularly useful if you park in crowded locations or near busy roadways.
  • They can help to keep the paint on your car looking new, which can cause the paint to chip or peel.
  • Car door guards are often fairly inexpensive and can provide years of protection for your car doors.
  • Chipping: Door guards can help prevent paint chips by absorbing the impact of other objects.
  • Scratching: By acting as a barrier between your car door and other object.
  • Dents: Door guards can assist avoid dents in the body of your vehicle.

How to Install Car Door Guard?

1. What tools do you need? First of all, check that all the tools you need are available to you. (Cleaning Alcohol Liquid, Micro Fiber Cloth, and Scissors)

2. Using Alcohol Liquid and Micro Fiber Cloth, clean the area where the projector guard is to be installed making sure that there is no dirt, dust, or wax of any kind as this will ensure a strong bond on the car and That's how clean you are.

3. Take care of the size and trim the door guard according to the size with the help of scissors.

4. The majority of door guards have double-sided adhesive tape already applied. At the end of the guard, peel out a tiny portion of the lining. Apply the guard by carefully aligning the exposed adhesive area with the top of the door edge.

5. After sticking the door guard, apply pressure with your thumb and stick the corner properly and make sure that it is not lifted from any corner.

6. Apply the same method on the remaining doors and install the remaining door guards in the same manner on all the doors.

7. After installing the door guard, do not get it wet for 24 hours so that its bond is formed properly with the door and it remains stuck for a long time.

How to Remove Door Edge Guard?

1. To remove the guard, first apply heat to the guard with a hair dryer or heat gun at the lowest setting.

2. In the next step, when the guard gets hot, gently remove the door from the car door with a steel stick. In such a situation, always work on the small parts and do not open the guard immediately.

3. In the next step, thoroughly clean the area with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning liquid, making sure not to leave any part of the adhesive tape.

How to Protect Your Car from Door Dings?

While dings are unavoidable, there are things you may take to prevent them. Here are some tried-and-true strategies for keeping your car safe from dents.

Park at the far end of the lot

In general, parking as far away from other vehicles as feasible will assist in reducing the likelihood of dings. If you park at the back, you have the added benefit of only having one side of your car adjacent to another vehicle.

Slowly Open Your Car Door

Being aware of your surroundings and cautiously opening your car door will assist you in exiting without striking anything.

Search For The Lines

Parking lot lines are intended to keep everyone properly lined up in their designated slots. This isn't always the case. Avoid areas where people are crossing the lines or positioned at an odd angle.

Avoid Areas Where Shopping Carts Are Returned

Park far away from the carts to create as much space as possible between your vehicle and the trolleys.

Avoid Congested Walkways

Skateboarders and bicycle riders may pass by your car and collide with it. Pedestrians can potentially scratch your car's paint as they pass by. Park away from busy sidewalks to reduce the likelihood of such encounters.

How Can I Remove the Scratches on My Car?

There are several methods for removing scratches from your car. The most appropriate strategy for you will be determined by the degree of the scratches.

For Minor Scratches

Make Use Of Toothpaste

This is a simple household treatment that can help remove minor scratches. Apply a little amount of toothpaste on a moist towel and rub it in a circular motion into the scratch. Rinse and dry the area with clean water and a clean cloth.

Make Use of Baking Soda

Baking soda is another common household treatment that can be used to remove minor scratches. Apply a moist towel to the scratch and apply a paste of baking soda and water. In a circular motion, rub the paste into the scrape. Rinse and dry the area with clean water and a clean cloth.

Make Use of a Scratch Remover

Commercial scratch removers are available and can be successful in eliminating minor scratches. Follow the directions on the product label exactly.

For Major Scratches

Make Use of a Polishing Compound

Deeper scratches can be removed with a polishing compound. Apply a little amount of polishing compound to a clean cloth and rub it in a circular motion into the scratch. Rinse and dry the area with clean water and a clean cloth.

Make Use of a Rubbing Substance

A rubbing compound is a stronger polish that can remove deeper scratches. Apply a tiny amount of rubbing compound to a clean cloth and rub it in a circular motion into the scratch. Rinse and dry the area with clean water and a clean cloth.

Repair the Marks Professionally

If the scratches are severe or extensive, they may require professional correction. A professional will be able to remove the scratches and restore your car's paint to its original state by using specialized tools and products.

Final Closing

At the end of this blog in conclusion, car door protectors are an efficient way to avoid door dings and scratches on your vehicle. Before installing them, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Align the door guard carefully, using light pressure for secure adhesion. Inspect for wear or detachment regularly, and replace as needed. When parking, be aware of your surroundings and avoid parking in narrow spots or contact with walls or other vehicles. By using car door protectors regularly and parking carefully, you can considerably limit the danger of unattractive damage, protecting the aesthetic and value of your automobile for years to come. With this simple yet effective solution, you can protect your doors and have peace of mind.

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