Top Kia Seltos Car Accessories to Upgrade Your Ride in 2024

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Date 04-Apr-2024

One of the most popular cars of a South Korean car manufacturing company is the Seltos car which has become quite popular in the Indian market. This SUV has been launched in such a short time that it has made its mark in a way that rivals many cars. To further enhance this car, there are aftermarket accessories that are made just for this car and help in improving the overall performance, safety, and looks of the car.

The price of a Kia Seltos car starts from Rs 11 lakh to Rs 20 lakh ex-showroom. There is no need to wait for its next-generation model which the company has recently launched in which a lot of changes have been seen in it. Today in this blog we have talked about section wise latest Kia Seltos car accessories which is the interior. The upgrades also cover exterior upgrades.

Kia Seltos Interior Accessories Upgrades

Kia Seltos Floor MatsCustom floor mats further protect your car's original carpet, which also increases the resale value of the car.
Kia Seltos Footstep scuff sill plate
It is installed in the car at the entry below the door which blinks when the door is opened and also helps in navigation and enhances the overall look.
Kia Seltos Android Stereo
It keeps your car entertained and you can access your important apps on the car screen.
Kia Seltos Steering Covers
To get rid of the sweaty driving experience, steering covers are used which makes driving even safer.
Kia Seltos Universal Armrest
Adds extra comfort to your during long drives. And the multiple pockets given in it are for small essential items.
Kia Seltos Seat Cover
Custom seat covers keep your car's original seats even safer, which also increases the resale value of the car.
Kia Seltos Memory Foam Neck and Back Rest
For neck pain and back pain during long drives, these are the most useful accessories that you can use in your car as well as in your home or office.
Kia Seltos Seat Cushion
If it is used to add extra comfort to car seats, you can also use it in your car, at home, or in the office.
Kia Seltos Ambient Light
It gives a different atmosphere to the interior of the car at night. It is available in different pieces 6 10 18 pieces.

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Kia Seltos Exterior Accessories Upgrades

Kia Seltos Car Body Cover
If your car is always parked outside then such a car body cover becomes an essential accessory for you which keeps the car body safe and also protects it from minor scratches.
Kia Seltos Roof Rail
It enhances the overall look of the car. Its OEM fitting along with ABS plastic makes it even stronger.
Kia Seltos License Number Plate
It comes with a custom Kia logo style which does not require any drilling or screwing.
Kia Seltos LED Front DRL
This front lens is 100% waterproof and plug-and-play. It comes with 3 LED lenses which also include a matrix turn indicator.
Kia Seltos Automatic Sunshade
To avoid heat in the car during summer it also increases privacy in the car.
Kia Seltos Door Rain Visor
These are easy to install and prevent water from entering the car during rain and also add protection to the windows.
Kia Seltos Handle Chrome
This silver handle chrome which comes set of 4 adds to the look of the car.
Kia Seltos Front and Rear Bumper Guard
The bumper adds extra protection to the rear and front of the car and also gives a sporty look. It is available and ready to use with no need for drilling.
Kia Seltos Rear Pillar Cluster Lights
This high glowing LED pillar light adds a sporty look to the car which is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.
Kia Seltos Logo Chrome 3D Letter
It is installed on the rear side of the car. It is made in triple layer and high quality.
Kia Seltos Window Chrome Garnish
This set of 6 pcs is installed on the car window which along with protection also makes the look of the car classy, and is made of stainless-steel material.
Kia Seltos Side Foot Stepper
Get in & out of your Seltos car with ease & comfort. Superior grip during normal wet, muddy, or any kind of weather conditions.
Kia Seltos Mud Flaps
It protects the car tires and car body from mud, oil, water, snow, and dirt.
Kia Seltos Bumper LED Reflector
It adds a premium look to the light system of seltos but you need a professional fitter to make it look and work well.

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Kia Seltos Tech & Security Accessories Upgrades

Kia Seltos Dash Cam
This is fixed on the dashboard which captures any unwanted accidents which increases safety.
Kia Seltos Wireless Charging
There are devices available in the market for wireless charging which are also compatible with cars.
Kia Seltos Parking Sensors
The biggest harm that happens when parking a car is that if any object comes in between, it causes damage to the car body. Installing a car parking sensor is essential to prevent this.
Kia Seltos Blind Spot Mirror
To ensure that the door is not visible in the exiting mirror of the car, blind spot mirrors are installed on those mirrors which help in seeing distance.

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Final Closing

The Kia Seltos's adaptability allows you to customize it to fit your lifestyle. But what if you want to own it completely? You can transform your Kia Seltos into a fortress of protection, a haven of comfort, or a statement piece with an array of accessories, providing peace of mind no matter where you are. Invest in a Kia Seltos that reflects your style and needs, instead of just settling for a car. Visit a carshala today and let your concept become a reality. There are countless options! Use the accessories from Kia Seltos to unleash your creative side.

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