From Old to Bold: Making Your Used Car Feel Brand New

make used car like brand new car

Date 16-February-2024

Having your car is a special dream for everyone, which everyone works hard to fulfill, but due to many reasons, they are not able to buy a car and not everyone can afford to buy a new car, there are many reasons for this. Considering the price of a new car, it does not come in everyone's budget, hence people look towards old or second-hand cars.

People buy a second-hand car, but even after buying it, they remain deprived of many features already given in a new car. Keeping this need in mind, we have written this blog and have included such amazing modifications that you can get installed in your second-hand car whether you have just bought it or some time back. Let us know what modifications can convert your used car into a modern new one.

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Interior Upgrades

Upgrade the Infotainment System

The best upgrade is Android Stereo and Speakers. Replace your old stereo with a touchscreen stereo which will give you Bluetooth connectivity, better entertainment, hands-free calling features, and enjoy music with better sound.

Comfort Enhancements

In this section you can get a premium quality custom seat cover which will not only enhance the comfort but will also enhance the look of your car interior and add a different touch.

Apart from this, there is a premium memory foam lumbar support seat cushion on the seats which is an extra addon that can also be added to further increase the comfort of the seats.

Install New Interior Lighting

Inside this, first of all, upgrade the Ambient Light which is installed in different places in the interior of the car like the dashboard, doors, floors, etc. whose different colors create a very good atmosphere in the car.

On the other hand, you can install lights in the roof space, which not only looks good but also increases the visibility inside the car.

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Exterior Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades

There are many types of lighting in cars, but which one can transform a used car into a modern car?

First of all, make sure you have LED light in your car. If not, then install LED light because, in today's modern cars, LED light is provided by the company. Installing LED headlights for better visibility

Adding fog lights for safety in adverse weather conditions, a Fog lamp is necessary in the winter season. If the fog lamp is missing then get it installed.

Key Less Entry

There is a part of tech in the exterior part. Yes, this modern feature with keyless entry is a feature of luxury cars which is quite unique with the help of which you can unlock the car lock.

Tint the Windows

Applying high-quality tinted films on windows not only enhances the look but on the other hand its benefits are that it increases privacy and avoids dangerous UV protection and heat reduction.

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Rear View Camera Upgrades

It's essential to upgrade your vehicle with a rearview camera. When reversing your car, you don't have to turn around to check. On the inner rearview mirror, a camera is often projected when reversing. There should be a price difference between Rs 1500 and Rs 5500 for a good camera.

Add Parking Sensors

The addition of parking sensors is another important and budget-friendly improvement. Objects within the range of the car will be notified to you. In tight spaces, parking sensors protect your car from scratches and minor accidents. It is possible to purchase parking sensors of ordinary quality for as little as Rs 1400-2100.

Alloy Wheel

Alloy wheels play a major role. You can get your used car fitted to give it a next-level upgrade. But you must keep in mind that it is a bit on the costly side and can shake your budget.

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Final Closing

So, you read above about all those accessories that you can install in your used car to give it a modern look. In this, we have defined the interior and exterior differently, whether it is lights, camera, modification of seats, or changing the speaker. It is not only beneficial to your car's value and appeal to invest in these upgrades, but also highly beneficial to your safety, comfort, and enjoyment while on the road as well. All these features are provided in modern cars but if you have a used car then you can also include them in your car with those upgrades which is fantastic and friendly for your pocket. You can easily buy all these accessories from our website Car Shala, and to stay updated with such interesting information, keep reading our blog.

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