Premium Floor Mats Your Car Needs in 2024

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Date 17-04-2024

If you are a car owner, the thought that the condition of the car should remain fine till the end of the day must be running in your mind. It is seen that the more a car owner pays attention to the exterior of the car, the less he pays attention to the interior because he spends most of his time in the interior of the car.

Many things in the interior of the car should be taken care of, one of them is the floor of the car. Stains, spills, and ground-in dirt can leave your car's interior looking unsightly and worn down. That's where luxury premium floor mats come in. Today in this blog we will learn about these mats and how high-quality mats keep the original floor of your car safe.

What are Premium Luxury Floor Mats?

How do you differentiate between a premium and high-quality mat and what exactly are premium floor mats? Pegasus Premium's premium floor mats are made in Nappa leatherette material. These mats have good lamination which makes them waterproof as well as dustproof and easy to maintain mats.

There are other mats available in the market like 7D 5D 3D and universal, the material used in these is of much lower quality compared to premium mats whose durability is also low. Pegasus Premium's premium floor mats are made according to the proper measurements of the car, their fitting is 100% and keeps the entire floor of the car secure.

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Does it Offer Customization?

1. The question that remains in the mind of the car owner is whether it will fit easily in the car. Luxury mats are made to the exact size of the car which easily fits into the car and does not require a professional fitter.

2. After all, what all the customizations are included in these mats that you can do? These mats can be customized by adding color edging embroidery or the car's particular logo.

3. You are given complete freedom in the luxury mats of Pegasus premium and you can make these mats as per your choice. We show you different options and prepare the mats according to the floor measurement of the car and its model year.

How it will be Protected?

1. Compared to normal or universal mats, the quality of premium mats is better and their thickness is also higher. These mats protect the car floor from spills, dirt, wear and tear.

2. These mats are made waterproof, dustproof, and easy to install.

3. Mats should not be made on the top of the car body because when attached, the Velcro bar gets peeled off and the mats fall on the face, which looks very bad.

4. These mats are made keeping in mind the edging of the car's brakes and pedals so that there is no disturbance of any kind while driving and the mats do not get stuck in between.

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Advantages of Pegasus Premium Luxury Floor Mats

1. The material used in luxury mats is durable and long-lasting due to which the floor mats do not have to be changed again and again.

2. These are customized according to the measurements of the car floor and thus protect the car interior.

3. Along with their remoteness, they are also given a modern design so that it looks good and further enhances the look of the car.

4. Premium mats are customized in any way, be it a color option, design option, or any proper car size.

5. Due to these mats, the original floor of the car also remains secure, and the resale value of the car increases.

Cleaning & Maintenance

It is very easy to clean these mats which you can clean with just a few simple steps. First of all, if there is no dust on the floor mats then you can clean them with a plain wet cloth. Apart from this, you can clean it with a simple wet cloth by removing the remaining dust with a vacuum.

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How much it cost

Floor mats are often regarded as the gold standard when it comes to protecting your car's interior. In terms of price, these high-end PEGASUS PREMIUM mats range from INR 7000 to 14000 rupees for a full set.

Final Closing

Premium floor mats defend your car's interior from the daily onslaught. They provide an impenetrable barrier that basic mats cannot match because of their triple-hexed grooves, rigid core, and water-resistant surfaces. In addition to precision laser-cut edges and anchoring nibs, the design ensures that the product fits tightly and without gaps.

Your car's carpets are protected from permanent damage by high-quality mats, which keep mud, spills, and ground-in dirt out. In many cases, there is even a lengthy warranty to give you peace of mind. Consider upgrading to premium mats before further damaging your car's floors. Premium mats combine superior protection, fit, and style with sleek OEM designs that are molded to fit your specific make and model. While more expensive upfront, their durability ensures years of like-new interior conditions ahead.

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