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Updated On 30 June 2023

The best choice for interior use will be 7D car floor mats. When you add these 7D foot mats, your car interior looks luxurious, appealing, and more fashionable. Offer flooring and upholstery inside several layers of defense as well. These are completely protecting the car�s floor and as well as the interior of your car, trying to shield it from dust as well as damage, and are managed to make to order for the perfect fit. 7D car mats are made of top-quality waterproof and highly durable material, making them easy to install and clean. The perfect place in India for purchasing all kinds of floor mats easily is Pegasus Premium. No matter how seasoned or inexperienced they are, trying to find a car owner who is informed about picking the best car floor mats has never been simple. In this blog, I am going to guide you, that about 7D car floor mats.

What are 7d Mats?

The 7D car mats are designed to provide end-to-end fit while adding the highest level of comfort to the vehicle's interior. Furthermore, 7d vehicle mats are made of E.V.A., artificial leather, foam, and velcro. These carpets require little upkeep, trap dirt, and are often waterproof.

What are the Types of 7d Mats?

There are several types of 7D mats available, each with its own set of features and benefits. Here are a few examples of the most prevalent types:

Rubber 7D mats:- are constructed of a long-lasting, wear-resistant rubber substance. They are also usually waterproof and easy to clean.

Leatherette 7D mats:- are comprised of beautiful and easy-to-clean synthetic leather material. They are also usually waterproof, making them an excellent choice for wet or snowy conditions.

7D eco-friendly mats:- are produced from recycled materials, making them a green option. They are also usually waterproof and simple to clean.

Luxury 7D mats:- are made from high-quality materials and feature a luxurious design. They are typically more expensive than other types of 7D mats, but they offer a higher level of performance and protection.

Benefits of 7D Car Floor Mats

If you're still unsure, take into account these benefits of 7D car mats:

1. Easy to Clean 7d Floor Mats:- Cleaning 7D car mats is easy. They are normally waterproof and may be readily removed from the car for cleaning. To remove stains or grime, simply rinse them with water or apply a simple wash. This convenience makes keeping your car's inside clean and sanitary a breeze. 

2. Made with state-of-the-art techniques and premium components like foam and synthetic leather.

3. Increased safety and hygienic protection for the car floor.

4. Adds to the aesthetics while enhancing the interiors' elegance.

5. It has a very long lifespan and offers a fantastic return on investment.

6. They are easy to wash and clean. Because they are made to collect what you track in and offer various advantages, 7D car mats are a wise investment.

7. Since they are made specifically for each car, they fit perfectly.

8. Durability 7d Mats:- These 7d mats are made of high-quality materials that are long-lasting and robust.  They are resistant to wear and tear and can handle considerable foot traffic, ensuring that their usefulness and aesthetics are maintained for an extended length of time.

9. 7D car mats are custom-made:-  to fit specific car models. They are custom-made to precisely match the contours and dimensions of your vehicle's flooring, ensuring a smooth and snug fit. This precise fit not only improves the looks of your car's interior but also keeps the mats from shifting or sliding while in use.

10. Sound and heat insulation:- these are two additional advantages of these 7d mats. They contribute to a quieter and more comfortable driving experience by reducing road noise and vibrations.  Furthermore, they operate as a heat transfer barrier, keeping your car's interior cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather.

7D Mats Are They a Good Investment

Driving to work is a flexible and convenient option in today's society. The comfort and well-being of the passengers are directly influenced by the interior of the vehicle. To ensure that the car operates at its peak without sacrificing performance or the driving experience, this calls for meticulous maintenance.

7D foot mats increase the opulence of the interior while protecting the car floor and enhancing passenger safety. Even though these car mats may initially seem more expensive, we think their rewards and sturdiness make them a good investment. Custom-made car mats aid in preventing long-term carpet deterioration and increase the longevity of the flooring.

How to Care Tips for 7d Mats?

7D mats are extremely simple to maintain, but there are a few things you can do to ensure they look and perform at their best:

  • Shake off dirt and debris on a regular basis. This will assist to keep dirt and debris from gathering and making cleaning the mats harder.
  • Vacuum the mats on a regular basis. This will remove any accumulated dirt, trash, or crumbs.
  • Wipe the mats down with a wet cloth. This will remove any accumulated dirt, dust, or spills.
  • As needed, spot-clean the matting. If there is a major spill or stain, use a light detergent and water to spot-clean the mat.
  • The use of strong chemicals should be avoided. Harsh chemicals might destroy the matting and should be avoided.
  • When not in use, keep the mats in a cool, dry area. This will assist to avoid fading and cracking.

7D Mats Can They be Washed?

One of the most frequent criticisms of car mats is that they're challenging to clean, particularly with the grime that builds up over time. 7D car floor mats provide a hassle-free cleaning experience and are simple to maintain. Cleaning them is simple thanks to the addition of a removable grass spring roll mat that covers the primary mat. After unplugging the two, washing and cleaning the mat is simple. After cleaning, it would be as new as well as ready to use.

Comparison of 7D Mats vs. Other Floor Mats

Sure. Here is a comparison of 7D mats to other types of floor mats:


7D Mats

Rubber Mats

Carpet Mats


EVA foam, artificial leather, and fabric




Very durable


Less durable

Easy to clean

Very easy to clean

Easy to clean

More difficult to clean


Excellent protection

Good protection

Fair protection


Custom fit

Custom fit

Not custom fit


Stylish and luxurious

Simple and functional

Simple and functional





Why choose Pegasus Premium 7D mats?

Quality First Approach - 7D mats are the most popular mats and are regarded as the highest-end car mats out of all the others. Never accept the subpar materials that are sold in the market. Invest in the highest quality whenever you can.

Perfect Fitting - We offer various mats for both manual and automatic vehicles. The driving mat will have an exact shape that matches the template or variant of your car.

Some features of our 7d Mats:- Perfect fit, entirely custom, available in a variety of colors. Luxurious styling and a well-fitted finish. Completely dust- and water-proof. Offers defense against grime, moisture, mud, dust, and dirt. The installation process is quick and simple. Custom Made to the Specifications of the Car Model. Easy to maintain and dust using either a vacuum or a duster. Mats that are conveniently foldable and storable only occupy a tiny amount of space.

Price for 7D Car Mats

Given that 7D car mats are made to order to perfectly fit end-to-end, they are priced differently based on the model and manufacturer of the car. There are several options available to customers looking to buy 7D car mats. Depending on the kind and type of car you have, the starting prices of these mats are INR 3,499/- on our website Car Shala.


In this blog, I have mentioned, everything about the 7d Car Floor Mat. On their car journeys, people spend a considerable amount of time in their own cars, so maintaining a clean interior is crucial for a smoother feel. Although there are many choices for car mats, 7D car mats are the best in their class. These car mats are sturdy, made to order to completely cover this same floor of the car, well-fitting, long-lasting, and add to the aesthetic appeal. It is a wise investment to purchase these mats for your vehicle as they will improve your driving experience.

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