Top 10 Car Trunk Accessories for Your Safety & Emergency

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Road excursions are enjoyable. They test you in more ways than just driving endurance. You can plainly notice the change in environment and culture as you drive nearer your goal. However, given the quality of our roads and the availability of roadside assistance, it is wise to be prepared for eventualities.

Every driver must be prepared for unexpected scenarios on the road. Carrying the right car accessories in your car's trunk can make a major impact if you're stranded due to a breakdown, stuck in harsh weather, or facing a medical emergency. In this blog post, we'll go over ten important things to keep in your cat trunk to assist you handle situations with confidence and safety.

First Aid Kit which will help you in an Emergency

Accidents happen, and keeping a well-stocked first-aid kit in your car trunk can allow you to administer urgent care until expert help comes. Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, adhesive tape, painkillers, and other medications you and your family may require.

Spare Tyre, Jack, and Lug Wrench

Flat tires can occur at any time, so having a spare tire, as well as a working jack and lug wrench, is vital. Before an emergency comes, practice changing a tire to ensure you can safely replace a flat with ease.

Don't Get Stranded: Why Every Car Needs Jumper Cables

If the car battery dies, you may be stranded. Keep a set of jumper wires in your trunk in case you need to jumpstart your vehicle or assist another driver in need. To avoid damage or injury, learn the proper process for jump-starting an automobile.

Fire Extinguishers: Your Special Weapon in the Fight Against the Burns in your car�

Unless your vehicle is entirely electric, it contains a combustible engine and fuel. That is why, in the event of an engine fire or other mishap, a fire extinguisher is a must-have. Choose a tiny extinguisher that can be readily kept in your vehicle. This is one of the most essential new car accessories. You can easily buy all kinds of car accessories at Car Shala.

Kit for Puncture Repair

Among the most important car accessories. You never know when you'll have a flat tire when driving. Furthermore, finding a mechanic in the midst of the highway is tough. A puncture kit is required to avoid any disruption. A reamer, a strip, two pins, a nose plier, a cutter, tyre valves and other equipment are typically included in puncture kits. Because of the offered guidance, the entire process is fairly simple.

A Tool Set with Multiple Functions

Your vehicle must come equipped with basic tools such as a jack and a wheel nut spanner, but these will be ineffective if you need to replace a headlamp bulb or perform other simple repairs. A basic tool kit will cost you no more than a couple of thousand rupees and will allow you to undertake most car repairs.�

A Seat Belt Cutter

A seat belt cutter is a tool that allows you to cut through a stuck seat belt in the event that the inertia reel fails to release after a collision. Look for a seat belt cutter with a pointed end and heft, similar to a hammer. It will assist you in breaking out of a car if the windows are jammed shut and the doors refuse to open.�

Portable Phone Charger

In an emergency, a fully charged mobile might be a lifeline. However, batteries can quickly drain, especially when dialing for assistance or using navigation apps. To guarantee you have enough battery capacity, have a portable phone charger in your Car trunk.

Non-Perishable Food and drink

If you are stuck for an extended period of time, having non-perishable food and drink will keep you going until help arrives. Keep energy bars, canned snacks, and bottled water in your trunk. Remember to check the expiration dates on a regular basis and replace them as needed.

Emergency Blankets

Extreme weather conditions can be fatal. Pack a couple of emergency blankets in your trunk to keep you warm if you become stranded in cold weather or need to help others.


Preparing for roadside emergencies is critical for every driver's safety and peace of mind. You'll be better prepared to face unforeseen events if you keep these ten important car accessories in your car's trunk. Remember to inspect and restock your emergency supplies on a regular basis to ensure they are always in good operating order. Be careful and prepared!

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