How to Clean Car at Home Effective Tips You Should Know

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Updated 31-Mar-2024

Come on in today as we share some car cleaning tips at home that will give your car a brand-new appearance. An essential component of car maintenance is cleaning the car inside and outside of your car. It should come as no surprise that everyone's favorite possession is their car, but many people refuse to make an effort to keep it clean. This leads to various issues that can damage your car over time and lessen its attractive appearance. However, it is a myth that maintaining the cleanliness of your car requires significant financial outlays on services like pressure washing and car washes. Making modest efforts and keeping auto-cleaning supplies on hand can be helpful. So, without further delay, follow these home car cleaning tips for maintaining the new appearance of your car.

Car Cleaning Tips at Home

Clean the floor, the area under the pedals, the side door panels, and the front and rear seats. Use a microfiber cloth or cleanup wipes to remove dirt, dust, and sludge. The device, steering wheel, and space that exists between the car seats can all be started cleaning with a tiny portion of car-specific cleaner. Whether it's necessary for your car's preservation or selling it, do it. You can easily wash having a good car at home as well. Here is a list of car cleaning tips at home. 

Must-Have Cleaning Essentials You Should Have

  • Several microfiber cleaning clothes
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • A vacuum cleaner for vacuuming Car Interior 
  • Use a Paper towel when you are cleaning your car at home.
  • Car Washing Liquid 
  • All types of cleaners for car touch-ups
  • Three buckets: one for clean water, one for dirty water, and one with a special wheel-cleaning solution and water.
  • Soft-bristled brushes

How to Clean Car Interior at Home

You understand how challenging it can be to keep the inside of your car spotless if you frequently travel for work or have children or pets. Try these interior car cleaning tips and techniques to reestablish the natural glow of the interior of your car.

Interior Car Seats & Floors Should be Vacuumed

Vacuum the floor, the trunk, and, if needed, the rear and rear seats. So under the brake pedal as well as the side doors are just a few places in the car you should vacuum. The best car cleaning tips for the Interior. 

Clean Interior Windows

Windows must be sprayed with window washer solution and then cleaned with paper towels or microfiber cloths. For a powerful freshly made window cleaner, combine one cup of water, two 1 tablespoons of vinegar, and one cup of rubbing alcohol.

Clean & Start by Removing the Floor Mats

Squeeze out the floor mats as much as you can after removing them from the car. Cleaning will be simpler as a result. Before installing the new ones, clean them with soap and hot water or a foaming carpet cleaner and let them steam dry completely.

Clean up Dirt & Dust

Grab a microfiber cloth or cleaning wipes to remove all the dirt, sticky substances, and dust after the car has been vacuumed. To get that brand-new look back, you can also lightly mist the console, steering wheel, and space in between the seats with a car-specific cleaner.

Clear Trash

Remove all the obvious trash before bringing out all the containers and cleaning supplies. Check everything carefully. They probably will be thrown away on the mat, in the cracks of the seats, and under the seats. Any wraps, cans, toy cars, and other items that your vacuum can't handle should be thrown away.

Using a specialized cleaning solution, remove stains from the seats and carpets before wiping them clean with a damp cloth.

To reach those difficult-to-reach areas between the seats and within the dashboard, use a paint stirrer that has been end-wrapped with a microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Car Exterior at Home

The best way to get rid of any mud, dirt, or dust from your car is to wash the body. Additionally, this will aid in avoiding further dings in the paint of your car.

To get rid of bigger clumps of dirt, wash the entire car from top to bottom. Try to wash the exterior car's body with washing from your clean bucket! It's better to use tubing without a hose when you go to try to wash off the liquid soap. This kind of hose will enable water to softly flow from the top of the car's bottom at reduced pressure (this is called the sheeting method). Before proceeding to the next step, you presently dry off your car with a sizable microfiber towel or leather. Remember that your car must be dry well before wax or surface coatings are applied.

Headlights to be Cleaned

Don't forget to clean your headlights as well. Plastic headlights that have been soiled or exposed to the sun may age and turn yellow, becoming less useful while driving and ruining the appearance of a previously clean car. You can use a cleaning fluid to wipe down your headlamps and then clean them with a damp cloth once you're done. After washing, restore your headlights by applying a protective finish.

Wheels Should be Cleaned

The dirtiest area of your car, which is typically the tires, should be washed first. To prevent transferring the dirt and grime to the painted surfaces of your car, wash each set of tires in a completely separate bucket with water. Before cleaning your wheels, invest in a tire brush, a microfiber cloth, a completely separate foam, and a rubber cleaning solution. The safest option for tire cleaning products is water-based, non-corrosive wheel cleaners, which are advised for all types of car tires.

Cleaning the Glass & Windows

In addition to keeping your car's exterior shiny, cleaning the glass and windows will enable you to drive carefully without looking very closely through the glass. It's important to remember that tinted glass requires a different cleaning process than standard glass. Instead of using products like Cleaning equipment, which can be tough on a car's exterior window finish, you should use window cleaner designed for use on automotive windows.

Keep these Points in Your Mind When You Clean the Car at Home

Don't Use Dish Soap

Dish soap or liquid is intended for cleaning dishes, not cars. Instead, use car shampoos to safeguard the paint and be delicate with your car's surface. Additionally, a variety of car shampoos are offered at various price points. Consequently, you won't need to be concerned about going over your budget.

Must Use a Microfiber Duster to Clean

Do you ever feel like your car has stains on it after a wash? This is because it hasn't completely dried. For the task, a microfiber cleaning duster is preferred. It prevents scratches because of its thick strands, which resemble the paint on your car. To clean the inside of your car, you can also keep a microfiber cleaning duster with you. Car Shala provides microfiber cleaning clothes for your car.

Consider Waxing or Sharpening Your Car

Before putting on a coat of wax, washing and cleaning your car is not sufficient. A wide range of car waxes and polishes are available in the market to add natural shine to your car's exterior and interior. There are different kinds of wax and polish for cars; pick the one that best suits your requirements. A car wax or shine will also improve the color of your car and keep it from becoming dull.

Utilize a High-Quality Car Wash

It takes skill to wash a car, which not everyone has. Additionally, hiring someone else to do it can be expensive. For this reason, purchasing a high-quality car pressure washer is essential. You won't have to deal with the hassle of the manual process of washing your car again after making this one-time buying. Additionally, cleaning your car in a matter of minutes can help you prevent scratches and unintentional stains.

Quick Tips for Long-Lasting Freshness


We have tried to make the cleaning of the car very easy with these tips, so the most important thing is how to maintain it after cleaning so that its cleaning remains long-lasting, let us help you with some points.

1. If your time allows, you can give a regular clean wash car using only water.

2. In the next point, if you see any kind of dust or spills on the car, try to remove them immediately because, after a while, it can be a little difficult to remove them.

3. To maintain fragrance in the car interior, you can use car perfume, whatever it is of your choice.

4. Observe whether there is any trash or garbage inside the car. If there is, remove it quickly.

5. Finally, for a quick touch use the microfiber towel which should always be in the car apart from this you can also use polish and wax for the car.

Final Closing

In this blog, we have discussed some car cleaning tips at home that are very effective and demand very little effort. If you want to keep your car neat and clean, if you are also looking for some car cleaning tips, then you must read this blog as we have shared some very effective tips.

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