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Updated On 27-January-2024

Since they became more technically advanced, cars have become harder to steal. On the other hand, the thieves have managed to keep up, so you should too! prevent the theft of your prized car, Car Shala sells fantastic auto car accessories and security equipment.

Before settling on the ideal car and reducing the options, we did a lot of research.Aa lot of us ask for help when deciding on a color. Is it true that we really pay attention to car safety and security features? Even though a car can go from being stolen to being used as spare components in a matter of hours, this can be avoided. Here are some easy ways how to prevent car theft.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Car Theft?

When leaving or parking your car, close the windows and lock the doors properly. If possible, park the car at a good place, this means always park the car at a busy place, do not park the car on a deserted road or quiet lane.

Do not keep your valuables like bags, or mobile purses in the open inside the car, sometimes thieves also damage the car to steal them. Be wary of where you hide a spare key. Well-known hiding spots make break-ins easy.

If you are on a budget, you can get a GPS system installed in your car, which is one of the best value-for-money items. If you are on a budget, you can get a GPS system installed in your car, which is one of the best value-for-money items.

What's the Most Common Method of Car Theft?

These are the most common methods that thieves use to steal a car. Let's take a look at them.

1. The first point and the one most often used by thieves is to break the car door lock with an iron rod.

2. Hotwiring was found to be lacking in old cars due to which the car could start easily without a key.

3. The next method is to use lock pick tools for thieves, with these thieves can easily unlock the remote and steal the car.

4. Such smart keys are also made in the market with the help of which most of cars can be unlocked. Thieves often use those keys also.

5. It is difficult to steal a car by making a duplicate key, but thieves also use this.

6. In cars like autopilot, the car can also be stolen through hacking, this is also a point that becomes important to keep in mind.

7. Since the rear tires of the car are not locked, the car can be stolen even after towing it.

8. The car is stolen by breaking the window glass and unlocking it away.

How common is car theft in India?

Did you know that car theft is a serious issue in India? It is estimated that approximately 100,000 vehicles are stolen in India each year. The most stolen cars in India are low-cost cars like the 

Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Hyundai i20. These models are popular with thieves because they are easy to sell on the black market. If you own one of these vehicles, be extra cautious about keeping it safe from theft.

Which City has the Most Car Thefts?

The state with the most car thefts is Maharashtra. This is due to its status as India's most populous state. In addition, Mumbai, Maharashtra, is one of the world's most densely populated cities. This makes it easier for thieves to steal cars and avoid detection.

These are Some Accessories Which are used for the safety of the car.

Safe Parking

Find a spot that is clearly visible, well-lit, and in the direct line of sight of nearby homes, if not your own, in any case. It is extremely risky for a thief to act because there is a greater likelihood that someone will be looking at your car, among other things.

CCTV Surveillance

Almost all residential buildings have CCTV cameras, and modern technology creates high-quality films that can be used to recognize cars or people. It's a great idea to set up a CCTV system even if you park your car in a secure area behind a locked gate. A single camera costs Rs 2000, while multi-camera systems range in price from Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000.

Set up Dashcam

An effective tool for saving your car from thieves is a dashcam. It provides one of the most effective precautionary measures. Instead of looking around like a typical car would, a dashcam is primarily a camera that is meant to record an unanticipated incident, like a car theft or an accident.

Install a Kill Switch

This is the very same thing managed to accomplish by all kill switches, whether they are connected to the battery, fuel line, or ignition. Install a kill switch in a hidden location and turn it on each time you get out of the car. Even if someone manages to get their hands on your car keys, they won't be able to move until they locate and activate that switch.

Install Steering Lock/Gear Locks

The process of steering/gear locks is straightforward and doesn't call for any automated wizardry. These are essentially tough-to-crack rod/clamp and lock systems that restrict or block the movement of the steering wheel or gear lever. The easiest-to-use steering locks are those that don't need to be permanently mounted and can be hidden away.

Car Wheel Locks

Thieves frequently target tires because they are relatively simple to remove and transport. The rest of your car and your tires can both be kept in place with tire locks, though. Additionally, police officers frequently use these locks to stop offenders from escaping the incident of a traffic violation.

GPS Tracker

GPS trackers used to be highly advanced and expensive, but that is no longer the case. A high-quality car GPS tracking device can be put in your car. These installations keep you connected to your car and provide you with timely information. Tracking your car's current location is included if it was stolen. Your car can be located in a matter of minutes after notifying the authorities immediately.

Install Car Alarm

If your car does not come including an audible alarm system, the NHTSA advises installing one and using a visible anti-theft device. If someone tries to get into the car while the alarm is on, an audible alarm is created to make a loud noise, frequently the car horn. But bear in mind that you might need to hire a mechanic or alarm professional to install it for you, particularly if the installation involves interacting with the car's electrical wiring.

Don't Leave Valuable Items In Your Car

Leaving a purse, phone, or another valuable item in an area of your car that thieves easily see is one way to encourage them to target you. It's preferred to leave anything of value at home, but if you absolutely must bring something crucial along, keep it hidden. Additionally, Firestone advises placing valuables in the cargo area before arriving at your destination because some thieves scout parking lots in search of people who are loading items into their cargo area.

How Do You Protect Against Keyless-Car Theft?

For this, first of all, you can buy a signal-blocking bag and keep the key in it. After this, do not keep the car key anywhere near the doors where there is a signal. Apart from this, you can also use a steering lock which will also work as a separate lock.

Using installed motion sensor lights and cameras to maintain and keep an eye on your car is also a good option. This increases the safety of the car in another way. Register your key codes with your manufacturer to ensure that only your codes can start the car if it is stolen.

How to Prevent Car Theft at Home?

Whenever possible, park your car in a locked garage. This adds a barrier for potential thieves. When you park your car at home, always lock the doors and close all windows. Do not make it easy for thieves.

Keep your car keys safely hidden in a drawer or container away from windows and doors. Keep your car registration and garage door opener out of the car. Don't give thieves more personal information. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity near your house and car.

Final Closing

In this blog, I have mentioned some Easy strategies for how to prevent car theft, which will help you to protect your car from theft. In conclusion, this will help you find some car accessories through Car Shala it's India's best car accessories store where you can get all the car accessories in India.

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