BMW 3 Series 7D Mats In Beige Pegasus Premium Luxury Leatherite

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Key Features:-·      Perfect fit, 100% tailor-made, Different Colors, and customizable.·      100% Waterproof and Dust-proof.·      Installation is quick and easy.·      Maintainable and easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a duster.·      Easily foldable and storable mats that take up a very limited amount of space.

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If you are looking for stylish and waterproof  BMW 3 Series 7D Mats, you have come to the right place.Our 7d mats for  BMW 3 Series interior in Beige are designed to resist water, dirt, and chemicals, as well as have a unique anti-skid surface that keeps the mat in place. Liquids, dirt, and sand are kept off your vehicle carpet by the mats' protective non-stick coating and high sidewalls. These 7d mats are made of engineered thermoplastic and are unscented, so they won't curl or split. Experience a new world of luxury with a new concept in car flooring.Presenting Style your drive mats that are specially designed for those with a taste for Elegance and New Style mats. The optional removable upper mat makes it easy to maintain and clean. Style Your Drive Luxury Customized Mats are carefully crafted to each detail with the finest quality leatherette, stitching thread, cushioning foam, robust base carpet, and removable Best 7d mats for 3 Series in beige, which makes them one of the finest quality customized 7d mats for 3 Series brezza in beige. These Luxury Mats are Available in Different - Different colors, patterns, and Designs to Good Looking in your car Interior.7D Mats For BMW 3 Series CarThe raised corners of our 7D mats maruti grand 2021 cover the entire floor area, providing maximum protection from dust, oil, mud, water, and snow.These mats are completely 100% safe for the environment.On top of these mats is a grass mat that provides extra protection and makes cleaning and maintaining these mats easy.The mats are made of thin layers, making them 100% waterproof and easy to maintain.Designed specifically for your beloved BMW A3, this mat is edge-to-edge tailored to fit as closely as possible to your beloved device.Keeping it in place leads to a stress-free drive since it ensures that it doesn't interfere with the operation of the clutch, brakes, or accelerator.The mats also feature an anti-skid backing that prevents them from slipping while driving.Your car will look more luxurious and tailored with these  BMW A3 7d floor mats in beige, giving it an elegant, tailored appearance.After placing an order you will get a call from our Team regarding your car query in case of any inquiry kindly feel free to call or Whatsapp (7988611639).Note:- All images are provided for representational purposes only. The sitting layouts vary and change depending on the vehicle model and variant you own. There may be some differences between the image and the actual product.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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