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Why Choose Pegasus Premium Car Interior Modification

Authentic Parts

Our parts are guaranteed to be the same quality and fit as the original parts from the manufacturers. Our background and years of experience allow us to offer parts that are authentic and fit your vehicle. We offer the best quality parts at the best price this not only saves you money but preserves your car's value.

Maximum customer satisfaction

We're committed to providing the best service and the best experience for our customers. We are a team of dedicated, passionate, and experienced professionals with a deep understanding of our customers needs. This keeps our customers coming back and telling their friends and family about us.

Friendly service buddy

Our Service Buddy system keeps you informed about the status of your car's service at all times. You can also chat with your service buddy, and they can help you if you have any questions or need help with something while ensuring the best customer experience for you!

Affordable Price

Affordable prices. We are so proud you found us at a price you're comfortable with. We have designed various products that are all made with the highest quality materials, but we keep our prices competitive.

Car Interior Modification

The process of modifying the interior of the car to improve its looks, comfort, functionality, and personalization is known as car interior modification. It involves making alterations to numerous interior aspects of the car, such as the seats, dashboard, armrest, lighting, doors, gear, android screens, floor mats, and many more.

Upgrading the seat covers is one of the most characteristic interior alterations. This can include changing the company-fitted seat covers with aftermarket ones that provide custom design and colors, as well as increased comfort, support, and aesthetics.

Installing new gadgets such as Bluthoot, device chargers, gps, and Android screens, or adding carbon fiber or wood grain accents for a more elegant appearance can be used to customize the dashboard. Steering wheel modifications can include adding steering covers to enhance your driving experience.

Lighting modifications are also popular, with choices such as ambient lighting, custom lighting, or car roof modification starlight effects that can change the mood, atmosphere, and ambiance of the inside of the car. Installing custom storage in your car, such as a center custom console, organizers, or trunk organizers, maybe another option to maximize space and convenience.

Car interior customization allows car owners to personalize their vehicles and create a driving experience that is unique to their interests and preferences. It has the ability to change a typical car interior into a personalized area that is both visually appealing and fun to use.

Best Car Interior Modification In Delhi

If you own a car and live in Delhi, are you seeking the best shop for interior modification of your car? Then you've come to the right place. By the way, numerous well-known brands in Delhi offer car interior alteration services. But with Pegasus Premium, you get something much better, with a higher level of experience.

The procedure of interior modification in Pegasus Premium begins with the customer's demands in mind. With our 10+ years of expertise, we recommend such top-level interior upgrades that exactly complement your decision and vehicle. Here you will get genuine components at reasonable costs, and with service pleasant buddy, we ensure that the customer receives 100% customer happiness.

The cost of car interior modification in Delhi will vary depending on the specific services you choose, but if you are at pegasus premium our basic interior modification starting price will be INR 40000/- for hatchback running cars it is generally a relatively affordable way to improve the look and feel of your car's interior.

We have a large number of car modification ideas We have around 500+ designs available from hatchback cars to super sedans plus premium cars which you can customize according to your need and requirements.

Here are Some Pointers for Selecting the Best Car modifier in India.

1. Seek advice from friends, relatives, and online forums.

2. Examine their social accounts and study internet evaluations of different stores.

3. Inquire about the shop's work portfolio.

4. Before you commit to anything, get a written estimate of the cost of the work.

5. The materials and workmanship are of high grade.

6. The shop's experience and expertise.

Car Interior Services Offered by Pegasus Premium

Pegasus Premium Car InteriorPegasus Premium Luxury Car Interior
Seat Covers
Full Dashboard
Steering Wraps

Ambient Light

Wooden Console & Armrest
Seat Covers
Hydro Graphics
Hydro Graphics
Steering Wraps

Pillers & Doors


Our Recent Car Interior Modification

The Colorful History of Pegasus Premium Car Interior Modification

With 10+ years of experience, we are the best car modification shop in India, we strive to make this better in every car. Hatchback to Luxurious Pegasus Premium has done interiors of over 1500+ cars. The inside of a car is a crucial factor in distinguishing between a good car and an excellent one. A good car is said to be one that has good handling, a beautiful design, and an excellent interior. A lot of care and attention is needed to get it right. Keeping this in mind and according to your needs, Pegasus Premium provides the best care for you. Car interior Modification can be divided into two parts the interior of a car and the dashboard, the former being the place where the passengers sit and the latter, being the control board and other parts that the driver sits in front of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Best car modification shop in India?

Trusted by more than a thousand car owners, Pegasus Premium is the most loved car interior modification service provider with over 500+ car interior services. We offer a wide variety of car interior services for all types of basic to luxury cars. Get the best car interior service for your car at pegasus premium.

Q 2. How can I book my car interior services with Pegasus Premium?

You can book a car interior service in 3 easy steps. Just call on +91 7988611639 choose your car brand and model, tell us your requirements, fix your preferred date and time slot and that's it! You have just booked your car interior service.

Q 3. What is the starting price for my car modification?

A hatchback car interior package starts at just ?40,000. The basic car interior service package covers all the bare essentials that your car needs to look new. You can also upgrade your car interior experience according to your colors and modification style.

Q 4. Is it necessary to drop my car off at the workshop?

Yes, you have to drop your car in our workshop; it depends on your work and car parts and how long the modification will take. We have interior modifications available from the same day to the whole week.

Q 5. How to modify a car interior?

By the way, there are many ways to modify the car, whether you modify the interior of the car or the exterior. But the interior of the car is the place where you spend the most time. Basic modification features include seat covers, floor mats, steering wraps, doors, pillars, hydro graphics, and armrests.

Q.6 How to make your car interior look luxurious

These suggestions can enhance the appearance and give a luxurious feel to your car. Make sure your car keeps neat and clean during that time, and put a Custom Premium Seat Cover and wrap your car floor with Stylish Custom Floor Mats. Ambient and Star Roof Lights for your mood give a beat with the Audio System. Fresh car's interior with Scent and Fresheners is the last but to least Premium Accessories addons