Top Tips for Mixing and Matching Car Seat Covers

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Date 06-March-2024

Having a car in any house is like being a member of that family. Many car owners consider their car like their second home because they take so much care of it. But do you know that 60% plus car owners do not pay any attention to their car seat and the interior which is affected by it, which spoils the entire look of the car from the inside? Whenever someone buys a new car, the seat cover or stock interior given by the company is very basic which may not look good to everyone.

So, in such a situation the question arises with which mix-and-match seat cover should be made that can give a new look to the interior of the car apart from the basic one? In such a situation, it can be a bit confusing to decide which color combination can be followed to install a better seat cover in the car as per the interior of the car.

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Unlock Your Style with Mix-and-Match Seat Cover

Before choosing a car seat cover, understand your choice, the first question that should come to your mind is if there is a color match in your mind, then go with it. Choice means what type of color and design you would like to go with. You can go with minimal color combos like gray and black or you can go with sporty colors like red with black. In this, we suggest some color combos which you can use in your next seat cover.

Minimal Designs: Grey & Black, Black & White, Full Grey, Beige

Sport Designs: Black & Red, White & Yellow, Full Dark Brown, Black & Blue

Blending Your Car Interiors with Mix-and-Match Seat Covers

In the next step, look at the car interior. If the color of your doors, dashboard, and pillars is such, you can get the seat cover designed by mixing those colors, which after installation, matches completely with the interior. Most car companies have stock interior color palettes (beige, black, grey) which are basic and match with almost all types of colors.

Choose Your Base Cover

What is meant by base cover? It means that the stock interior provided by the company has a base color that covers most of the parts. You can create a new combo for a seat cover by mixing some sporty colors in it. Also keep in mind the material, if you want a premium look then you can get it made of pure leather or even artificial leather.

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Exploring Pegasus Premium Seat Cover Color Combinations

In this section, we will tell you about those trending seat cover color combinations which will be very helpful for your next seat cover and you can also make seat covers using different colors according to you.

1. Full Black

2. Black & Red

3. Black & Grey

4. Black & White

5. Black & Blue

6. Black & Brown

7. Black & Cherry

8. Black & Coffee

9. Black & Silver

10. Black & Tan

11. Black, Tan & Red

12. Black & Orange

13. Full Beige

14. Beige with Black Piping

15. Beige with Red Piping

16. Full Coffee

17. D-Tan

18. Full Grey

19. Grey & Black

20. White & Yellow

21. White & Green

Grab These Real-life Examples

Below we have shown some of the Pegasus premium seat cover options that we have fitted in our workshop.

Benefits of Mixing and Matching Car Seat Covers

1. Its advantage is that the seat cover of color combination as per your choice reflects your personality and creativity.

2. This would completely transform the car interior without requiring much time or effort.

3. This time is also pocket free which does not put too heavy a load on the pocket.

4. By mixing these patterns, textures, and colors, an overall look can be created very differently.

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Pro Tip for an Enhancement

Pay attention to the color balance. If you are using a sporty color along with the base color, then definitely pay attention to the balance of both. Do not add too many patterns to it and also keep the color contrast in balance so that the color of the seat cover does not look too catchy nor is it an eyesore.

This is a design element that becomes an important thing to pay attention to. After all, what color thread is being stitched in the seat cover, it gives a touch to the seat cover which looks very nice.

Final Closing

That's all there is to it! Mix-and-match seat covers can transform the interior of your car from bland to "brand you". It is important to strike the right balance between cohesion and contrast when mixing and matching. Embrace bold combinations and unexpected pairings.

The interior of your car can be transformed into a personalized sanctuary with a little creativity and attention to detail. You'll love every time you step into your car once you mix and match car seat covers for a truly unique and stylish interior. We'd love to see your unique seat cover combinations! Share your creations with us.

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