Tata Nexon Accessories Guide: Top Accessories for Style & Utility

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Date 25-January-2024

Tata Nexon is one of the highest-selling and most popular SUV cars of Tata Motors. This car is a 5-seater whose price range is from 8 lakh to 16 lakhs. This car is offered in 69 variants namely Smart, Smart Plus, Pure, Smart Plus S, Pure S, Creative, Creative DT, Pure Diesel, and so on, and it comes with both manual and automatic transmission. Tata Nexon was launched in the year 2017 and since the car has made a good place in the market, people like this car a lot.

Accessories are options or addons for cars that can further enhance your style, comfort, tech, and capability. The Tata Nexon accessories come with a variety of that can be used to enhance its functionality. Which is quite useful and investing in it will be a good decision for you.

Is Accessories Matter for the Tata Nexon?

The answer is Yes, you can improve the style of the car with the help of body kits and graphics. To increase the convenience of the car, accessories like phone holders, charging wires, and GPS navigation are also installed. 

To eliminate discomfort, good seat covers, seat cushions, and neck pillows are also added. Installing country cameras and parking sensors to boost safety in such heavy traffic.

What are the Most Popular Accessories for the Tata Nexon? Let’s Discuss it.



1. Body Styling Kits & Chromes

2. Car Window Visors

3. Alloy Wheels 

4. Side Steps

5. Roof Wraps & Graphics

6. Car Parking Sensors

1. Floor Mats

2. Ambient Light

3. Seat Cover

4. Music System

5. Phone Holders

6. Perfumes

7. Steering Wheel Covers

8. Seat Cushions

1. Sunshade

2. Cargo Organizer

3. Anti Spli Mats

4. Vacuum Cleaner

5. Mobile Charger

6. Dash Camera

1. Audio System

2. Android Stereo

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

1. Roof Rails

2. Rear Bumper Skid Plate

3. Front Bumper Skid Plate

4. Wheel Rim Cover

5. Door Visor Chrome

6. Body Side Moulding Chrome

7. Scuff Plates

8. Stylish Door Visor

9. Stylish Chrome Garnish

10. Door Handle

11. Puddle Lamp

12. Door Edge

13. Bumper Corner Protect With Chrome

14. Stylish SideSteps With Bracket

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Exterior Accessories For Tata Nexon

Let us tell you the best exterior accessories of Tata Nexon which you can install in Tata Nexon.

Body Styling Kits & Chromes For Tata Nexon

There are six items included in the package, such as a tail light, finger guard, headlight cover, mirror cover, door catch cover, petrol tank cover, etc.. In addition to this Front Bumper Spoiler Splitter Body Kit Side Skirt Front Bumper Guard further additions are made to.

Car Window Visors For Tata Nexon

The Tata Nexon Door Visor Rain, dirt, and other external pollutants are kept out of the car by door visors, which allow good air circulation inside.

Alloy Wheels For Tata Nexon

An alloy car is such a modification that changes the look of the entire car at once. It is a bit costly in price but it is also a good addition.

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Side Steps For Tata Nexon

Whether it's an elderly person, a child, or anyone else, the car side stepper's large striped step-in board makes it easy for everyone to get in and out of the car.

Roof Wraps & Graphics For Tata Nexon

In this, the car's roof is wrapped with different design colors, and different graphics are also used in it.

Car Parking Sensors For Tata Nexon

Parking sensors are very useful accessories no matter where you park the car. Parking a car is a very difficult task for a single person, hence car parking sensors play an important role in saving the car from collisions.

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Interior Accessories For Tata Nexon

Now let's talk about some special Tata Nexon Interior Accessories

Car Floor Mats For Tata Nexon

Pegasus floor mats are custom-fit, high-quality mats that protect your car’s carpet. Made of stain-resistant materials such as rubber or polyester fabric. Provide a luxurious appearance and feel. Perfect for capturing dirt, mud, and snow. Help keep carpets clean and extend their lifespan.

Ambient Lighting For Tata Nexon

To create a different atmosphere in the car, it is installed. It has different options starting with 6 pieces and up to 18 pieces.

Car Seat Covers For Tata Nexon

There is no better option than a seat cover to completely change the comfort and interior style of the car. A good quality seat cover for Tata Nexon is the best option.

Music Systems For Tata Nexon

To keep away from boring journeys, it is important to have a music system in the car. It completely depends on the taste of the customer as to what kind of music system you want.

Phone Holders For Tata Nexon

With the help of phone holders, you can easily use your phone in the car, whether it is picking up calls or doing any other work, you can always stay connected to your phone.

Perfumes For Tata Nexon

No one likes to have a dirty smell in the car cabin, in such a situation it becomes very difficult for the passenger sitting in the car, for this use car perfume which creates a good atmosphere in a car cabin.

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Steering Wheel Covers For Tata Nexon

It is common for hands to sweat while driving a car, but in such a situation, hands may slip from steering, which may increase the possibility of an accident, hence steering cover accessories must be used.

Seat Cushions For Tata Nexon

There can be different reasons for pain in the back during a long drive, but the use of seat cushions provides a lot of relief from the pain in the back and it also adds extra comfort to the car seat.

Universal & Utility Accessories for Tata Nexon

Now let's talk about some special Tata Nexon Useful Accessories

Sunshades & Curtains For Tata Nexon

The sunshade for tata nexon is one such essential that every car owner should have. Dust particles and harsh rays of the sun are protected from the car's cabin by it.

Cargo Organizer For Tata Nexon

Often people ignore this, they can use these organizers to keep the items in the trunk in a good manner and they keep reading here and there.

Anti-Slip Mats For Tata Nexon

Often passengers keep small items like mobile, glasses, chargers, etc. on the dashboard of the car, but they fall here and there in the car. This mat provides you with a non-slip grip due to which the item remains stable in one place.

Car Vacuum Cleaner For Tata Nexon

Frequent boarding and de-boarding of the passenger car makes the car seats and car floor very dirty. To clean it within minutes, use a car vacuum cleaner which is one of the very useful accessories.