Custom vs Universal Car Seat Covers Which One to Choose

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Updated 08-September-2023

Just like everything else, your car seat will wear out over time. Since you frequently get into and out of your car, most likely several times per day, your seats are among the most heavily used areas of your car. Due to this, they are particularly vulnerable to damage from spills, tears, and general wear and tear. It's critical to safeguard the interior of your car. The simplest way to do this is with such a set of seat covers, which will protect your seats from everyday use as well as any happy accidents that may occur.

Custom and universal seat covers are typically the two options offered on the market. They are massively different products with many variations, not all of which are as apparent as you might think, despite the fact that they share some similarities. Custom vs. Universal is one of the most contentious concerns in car seat covers. While universal car seat covers are more affordable and are "one size fits all," custom car seat covers are made to fit the precise model of your car. How do you decide?

Let's take a look at the primary reasons why you would want car seat covers in your car before delving into the major differences: Is it to safeguard the original upholstery you have? Maybe you want a new interior design that matches your preferences.

What is Custom Seat Covers

Custom Seat Covers: Custom seat covers are made specifically to fit your specific car, as the name suggests. They are made with incredibly precise measurements to fit your tables away down to the smallest inch, making them fit like a glove. However, they will feel more generic. Please be aware that some semi-custom seat covers are reclaimable while others are not, so call us with any inquiries. Whatever you choose, we'll ensure fitment. Custom seat covers may cost more than generic ones would, but their exquisite fit for your car's particular design more than justifies their higher cost.

What is Universal Seat Covers

If the cost of custom seat covers is too much for you, you might prefer universal seat covers. They are less expensive to produce because they are made to fit a wide variety of vehicles. Afterward, the manufacturer can pass the savings on to the customer, making universal seat covers an affordable choice. They are not only inexpensive to buy, but they are also easier to replace if necessary due to their lower cost.

A wide variety of seats can be covered with a universal seat cover at Pegasus Premium with perfect fitting. Instead of being an exact fit specially made addition, universal covers serve more as a barrier protection drape over your car seats�There is no guarantee that they will fit your car seat perfectly, even though they might be made using the same material properties the manufacturer uses for their other products. There could be looseness. Additionally, the item might not fit in your seats.�

Custom Made Seat Covers vs Universal Seat Covers�

Custom-made seat covers are built to match your individual car's make and model, offering a flawless, snug fit that looks company-installed. Universal seat covers, on the other hand, are made to fit a variety of vehicles by extending or adjusting to accommodate various seat shapes and sizes. So, which type of seat cover is best for you? I am going to tell you In this blog post, we'll explain the pros and cons of both custom-made and universal seat covers, which will help you to make an informed decision.

Custom-Made Seat Covers Pros and Cons


1. Perfect Fit: Tailor-made seat covers are created to exactly suit your individual car model, providing a sleek, unique look that is unrecognizable from the original upholstery.
2. Better Protection: Since custom seat covers fit so securely, they protect against spills, stains, and regular wear & tear. This is crucial if you have children or pets that enjoy trouble in the car.
3. Easy to Install:- Custom-made seat covers are normally quite simple to install, and they want some professional fitter or online videos to walk you through the procedure.
4. Resale Value: If you intend to sell your car in a few years, having custom-made seat coverings can assist in maintaining the resale value of the car by demonstrating that you've taken good care of it.


1. Custom-made seat covers are typically more expensive than universal seat covers since they need more time and work to design and create.
2. Limited Colour, Fabric, and Design possibilities: Because tailor-made seat coverings are manufactured specifically for your automobile model, you may have fewer color, fabric, and design possibilities.
3. Longer Wait Times: Because custom-made seat covers are produced to order, they can require longer than universal seat covers to arrive.

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Universal Seat Covers Pros and Cons


1. Lower Cost: Because universal seat covers are designed to fit a variety of vehicles, they are typically far less expensive than custom-made seat covers.
2. Greater Variety: Because universal seat covers are made to fit many various automobile models, you'll have usually more color, fabric, and style options to pick from.
3. Easy to Find:- Universal seat covers are simple to find at most car parts stores as well as online.
4. Versatility: Universal seat covers may be used in numerous vehicles, making them an excellent choice if you own more than one.


1. Poor Fit: Because universal seat covers are made to fit a variety of various automobile models, they may not fit yours exactly. As a result, the look may be less shiny and customized.
2. Less Protection: Because universal seat coverings are not custom-made for your vehicle, they may not offer as much protection against spills, stains, and wear and tear.
3. Harder to Install:- Universal seat covers may be a bit harder to set up than custom seat covers since they require more modifying and stretching to fit properly.

Which One is Best Between Custom-made vs Universal Seat Covers

The finest sort of seat cover for you is determined by your specific demands and interests.

Custom-made seat covers provide a precise fit, exceptional protection, and simple installation, making them an excellent alternative if you want to preserve your seats while maintaining a sleek, unique design. They are also a sensible investment if you intend to sell your car in a few years because they help to retain its resale value.

Universal seat covers, on the other hand, are a good alternative if you're on a low budget, want a wider range of options, or have many cars. They may not provide the same level of protection or fit as custom-made seat coverings, but they are commonly accessible and simple to install.

In the end, the choice between custom-made and universal seat covers comes according to what is most important to you. Tailor-made seat covers are the way to go for those who value a precise fit and optimum protection. Universal seat covers may be a better alternative if you're searching for price, adaptability, and simplicity of access.

The Differences Between Custom-Made vs Universal Seat Covers�

Material Differences

This topic would look at the differences in material used in custom-made vs. universal seat covers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material. You might talk about the materials that are most frequently used in seat covers, including leather, vinyl, Neoprene, and polyester yarn, and explain why each material is either an excellent or undesirable option as seat covers. For example, you might talk about how long each material will last, how well it will withstand stains and water damage, how easy it will be to clean, and how it will improve the overall comfort of the seat cover. You may also offer price information and samples of popular brands that employ each material in their seat covers to assist users in making purchasing decisions.

Installation Differences

Sure! "Installation Differences" is the second topic covered. This topic would include a discussion of the various installation techniques for tailored and universal seat covers, emphasizing the specific problems and benefits of each kind of installation. You may include detailed instructions for each sort of installation and offer advice on how to make the procedure as smooth and easy for your audience as feasible.

Customization Options

"Customization Options" is the third subject. This article will look at the customization choices available with both custom-made and universal seat covers, such as the possibility of adding personal branding or embroidery. You might outline the advantages and disadvantages of various customization options and provide examples of inventive ways to personalize seat covers. You might also give guidance on how to select the best customization choice for your viewers' requirements and preferences.


Yes, "Durability" is the fourth topic. This topic would compare the durability of tailor-made versus universal seat covers, as well as how well they can survive wear and tear over time. You might talk about the materials used in each style of seat cover and the way they affect the durability, as well as any other elements that could influence how long the seat covers survive. By providing this information, readers will be able to make more educated choices about which style of seat cover is most suitable for them.

Select The Best For Your Car

There isn't a right or wrong decision; merely what is right for you. Take into account your spending limit, your way of life, and the amount of money you're willing to spend on seat covers. What matters is your level of satisfaction when everything is said and done, not whether you spend a lot of money on luxurious custom seat covers or choose more affordable universal seat covers.�


This blog, mentions the difference between custom seat covers and universal seat covers.� If you have a fabric seat in your car and you want to protect it or add a new style to your car, then you might be looking into buying some seat covers. In this, we talked about their pros and cons, which seat cover fitting is good, how it is good for your pocket, and what kind of material is used. In order to make sure that your car is able to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it and make sure that you have the proper covers to protect it from the wear and tear that comes from normal use. If you have any questions or concerns about the covers and the difference between custom car seat covers and universal car seat covers, please contact�Pegasus Premium.�

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Are universal seat covers good?

These seat covers are very much liked by those people who want affordable seat coversand they keep changing their seat covers frequently after a short time, although this is also a good option, in this you can compromise with the quality.

Q 2. How to put on universal car seat covers?

You do not need any professional fitter for universal seat covers, you can fit them with little guidance or by watching some videos online.�But most of the problems of fitting come in these seat covers because these are not made according to the car.

Q 3. How to put on custom-made seat covers?

If you buy custom seat covers, then the most important requirement for them is a professional fitter.�If you do not do this, then either your seat cover will not fit properly or there are chances that the seat cover will get completely damaged.

Q 4. How much are custom seat covers?

It completely depends on the car model, seat cover brand, and seat cover material If you buy a seat cover from Pegasus Premium its cost starts from INR 8,000/-

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