Which Car Modification are Illegal in India? Heavy Challan Cause

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Updated On 23-Dec-2023

To improve your driving experience, be it for comfort or the aesthetic of the car, every car owner thinks of making some modifications to his car and also does so.  In this modification, if you go to any shop, does not tell you which part should be modified and which should not. So how did you know which car modification is illegal in India? Supreme Court 2019 According to the legal rules, while making modifications to the car, you should know about the rules and follow them so that you can avoid a heavy challan.  Today we are going to tell you some very important information through this blog, if you want to get your car modified, then you should first be careful because there are many such car accessories. If the parts are modified, then you may have to pay heavy damages through challan. However, you should be aware that in such a situation, while doing the modification. If you get parts installed in your car, then the traffic police will stop your car wherever you see it. Traffic police will cut your challan for violating traffic rules. Let's see the parts that you should not modify in your car.

Are Car Modifications Illegal?

Yes, we can legally modify cars in India, but the modifications must adhere to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. But there are some parts whose modification is not allowed or you cannot get those parts installed separately in your car because they are not legal, you will read about them below.

List of Illegal Car Modifications

Using Oversized Alloy Wheels
New Color without RC Registration
Bull Bars & Crash GuardsSuspension
Cutting The Roof
Radar Detectors
Body Lifting Kits
Glass with 50% Lower Visibility
Loud HornsCar Silencer
Fancy Number PlatesExhaust Modification
High Beam Lights

Black Glass Modification or Tinted Glass

It seems that in today's time, it has become a fashion to get glasses tinted but now it is not possible because you should know that it is a crime to do so if you think of getting the car windows tinted in your car. Do not do this, doing so can cut your challan. You should know that according to the traffic rules, the visibility of the rear glass of your car should be at least 75% and it is mandatory to have at least 50% of the side glass.

High Volume Loud Car Horn

Most of the time it has been seen that the customers get the horns of the real car removed on their own and instead they get the high-intensity pressure horn installed. You all should know that this horn is banned in our country, if you get very loud horns installed in your car, then your challan can be deducted. If the traffic police see a fancy siren and pressure horn in any car, it immediately stop them and deducts the challan. this is one of the crucial car modification parts.

Think Car Silencer Is Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You

Some people would like their car's silencer replaced because they dislike the original sound. I regret to inform you that this is not the right course of action. In doing so, there is a provision to deduct the challan while doing.

Cringy Car Number Plate

The number plate itself can be modified by some people, but they should avoid it at all costs. A police officer who sees a modified number plate will immediately stop the vehicle and cut the challan.

Loud Exhaust Pipe

Under the rule CMVA 120 A custom or fancy exhaust pipe that has a high volume, which people often get installed in their car, has no working function, it is just installed to make the sound louder, this is also the reason for a heavy challan and along with this, you will never be able to clean your car. If there is pollution then this thing causes problems there, hence avoid this modification.