Car Floor Mats

Car Floor Mats

Your vehicle touches the ground thousands of times every day. It's easy to take these drives for granted, but they make a huge impact on your car's interior. It can be challenging to keep them clean. Car floor mats keep your car's carpet looking new, protect your car's finish, and keep dirt, debris, and water from tracking in.

We are the leading company and supplier of car floor mats in India. We have a large variety of floor mats for all types of cars at the best price. Our car floor mats are made from the best quality material and have fine finishing. These are easy to install and are made with high-quality leather. We customize floor mats as per the requirements of our esteemed customers in different designs, colors, and patterns.

Types of Car Floor Mats

How do you choose the right car floor mats online for your vehicle? We have an extensive selection of car floor mats that are high in quality and look very elegant. We design our floor mats to suit each vehicle and improve the look of its interior. These mats are perfectly designed for every car at very reasonable prices.

7d Floor Mats

These car mats can be easily removed for cleaning to keep the inside of your car as it should while the non-slip backrest will keep the carpets safe. The 7d floor mats are made of environmentally friendly material, free of harmful gasoline.

Boss Premium Floor Mats

Boss Premium Floor Mats for all cars cover the entire floor area, providing maximum protection from dust, oil, mud, water, and snow. These mats are completely 100% safe for the environment. On top of these mats is a grass mat that provides extra protection and makes cleaning and maintaining these mats easy. The mats are made of thin layers, making them 100% waterproof and easy to maintain.

Grass Floor Mats

Grass floor mats are equipped with anti-skid rubber nails at the backside and also provide a cushioning feeling to our feet while sitting in the car. Dust trapping capacity. Daily shoe dirt will get trapped in the inner layers of the mat. Nothing is visible on top, so the mats have had a clean appearance for a long time. Water/Liquid trapping capacity is good. Even fluids will get trapped in the inner layers of the mat.

GFX Life Long Floor Mats

These mats are manufactured using high-quality TPV material to keep your car trunk clean and hygienic. Perfect fit for your car, GFX Lifelong mats offer a clean edge-to-edge fitting so that the dirt does not pass through. The Textured skid-resistant surface of the liners is easily cleaned by wiping clean, hosing off, or simply using soap and water for a tough mess.

What is the best time to Replace the Car Floor Mats?

It has been seen that generally the mats of the car get damaged in a year, this is also the time to change them. Changing them also depends on the different environments in which environment the car is being used. By the way, it depends on the quality of mats that how much life of car floor mats can be, there are many such mats, their life is more than one year or they can be used after one year. But over time, it is normal for them to break or crack, if you observed that you see some of this indication, then you need to change the car mats so that there is no problem in the floor of your car and you are saved from unnecessary expenses. So pay attention to the special points written below and you should know well about when to change the mats of your car.

There is a lot of difference in the colors of new mats and old mats, so the first suggestion from our side is that first of all, check whether the colors of the mats of the car have faded or not. If it seems faded to you, then maybe your mats are old and it is time to replace them. You will get all kinds of mats according to your car at the Car Shala, which you can get made according to your need.

If the mats have become hard over time and their edges have started to bend and also if the mats are slippery then you should pay attention. Because of slippery mats, you can lose control of the accelerator or brake pedals which can become a possibility of big accidents.

The next suggestions are from our side if the mats of your car have stopped holding the dirt and the dust goes down to the floor of the car. Even then you should pay attention to your car floor mats because if this happens then your car mats are old and should be replaced.

The next step that you have to take care of is if any kind of smell has started coming from the mats of your car and it is spreading throughout the interior cabin of the car, then the mats of your car have become old. This smell can be harmful not only to your cabin but also to your health.

Choose the Right Car Floor Mats

  • The Right Shape And Size:- It's important to find a car floor mat that fits the space you have available. In spite of your desire for accuracy, the process of taking measurements can prove tedious if you think about it too much
  • Material Type:- Carpet, rubber, and leather are just a few examples of materials that can be used.
  • Price Affordability:- It is important that the mats do not cost more than the cost of maintaining the car. It is not uncommon for vendors to charge absurd prices and only care about making money.
  • Interior Decor For Your Car:- Concentrate entirely on the best car mat as you consider the entries in your seat. In this case, it is possible to buy the complete set at once.

What is the cost of Floor Mats for my car?

The price of floor mats available in the market depends on the brand to brand and their quality as well, which varies. Apart from this, there is a lot of difference in the prices of these mats on different platforms and different sellers in the market.

Are you looking for any floor mats for your car at reasonable prices? Then you have come to the right place! Here we are offering you the best quality floor mats for your car at the most reasonable rates. We started our online business in 2014 and are delivering our services to customers from all over India. Whats so special about our floor mats? Our mats are also super easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep your car's interior looking great! There are several different styles of floor mats available, but all of them are designed to keep dirt and other debris from collecting in the vehicle's carpet and footwells.

The quality of our seat covers is also guaranteed. We have got fully tested 99% of our mats and can assure you that they are of the best quality and will never let you down. You can choose the best one according to your requirements and make your car floor look outstanding and save your car's surface. You will surely get impressed and surprised by the quality of our car floor mats and will never get disappointed by our services. We are always there to help you

Universal Grass Mats price starting from INR 1200 onwards get the lowest price Mats suitable for every car. Because in their lower part skid comes with a rubber ridge which gives heels firmly to the leg.

7D Floor Mats The next option in car mats is 7d car mats which are very popular in Car Shala and the market whose price starts from INR 3499 these are scratch-proof and easy to clean

8D Floor Mats If you are looking for premium mats on a budget, then you have come to the right place; Car Shala has a collection of 8d premium car mats starting from INR 4499 onwards.

GFX Life Long Mats Another popular category of Car Shala is GFX lifelong mats which start from INR 3999. These car mats are made of full rubber and these mats are both waterproof and dustproof, which have a good life.

Boss Premium Floor Mats If you have a luxury car and you want to install luxury floor mats in your car or you want luxury floor mats for your budget car, then Bose mats can be the best option for you, their price starts from INR 8999. These mats are customized exactly as per your car giving a luxurious look.

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Which type of car floor mat is best?

There are 6 types of car floor mats available in the market rubber, grass, 7d leatherette, 8d leatherette, Premium leather, and Life Long Mats.

How long do car floor mats last?

It has been seen that generally the mats of the car get damaged in a year, this is also the time to change them. Changing them also depends on the different environments in which environment the car is being used.

Is it worth buying car mats?

yes, Car floor mats keep your car's carpet looking new, protect your car'sfinish, and keep dirt, debris, and water from tracking in.

What is the expected delivery for my order if I place it today??

in the next 24 hours, you should receive a call from us confirming your order. we will dispatch your order within 1-2 business days after you place the order. the delivery of your order may take up to 2-4 days after it has been dispatched. you can also track your order on our website. the delivery time varies depending on the location and mode of conveyance.

If I want to cancel an order, what should I do??

please get in touch with customer support (+91 7988611639). in case you would like to cancel your order. for a faster response, please don't forget to mention your order number.

What is the return policy??

you can return the product within 15 days of receiving it. if we are unable to pick up the phone, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at with your order id. a valid reason has been provided for the return of any product. your case will be investigated by our team and a refund will be applied on a case-by-case basis.